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WordStream's ad text generator will make your life easier by generating instant suggestions for Google AdWords text ads. Suddenly, it's fast and easy to write better targeted, more compelling ads that benefit your AdWords account by:

But it's not enough for your text ads to be eye-catching; they also need to be relevant to the keyword you're bidding on, your AdWords landing page and the product or service you’re offering. So how do you do all that and make your ads compelling too?

It's easy. Don't waste time agonizing over what keywords to include in your ad text and URL. You can use WordStream's automated ad text tools to quickly craft high-quality text ads that will earn better positions in Google SERPs and garner more conversions. What’s more, because WordStream AdWords software seamlessly connects analytics with action, you'll be applying insights from your personal keyword data directly to your AdWords account and text ads.


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Using WordStream's Ad Text Generator

Our ad text generator is easy to use and can really boost your productivity. Let's take a look at an example ad group. Say your business is an online pet store, and you have an ad group called “fish tank.” You can associate WordStream with your AdWords account so you can view all of the ad group's details without ever leaving the platform, as shown in the illustration below. This ad group contains a number of variations on the core “fish tank” keyword:

View Ad Group Details Before Creating Text Ads

So now what? How do you use this information to create compelling ads and start attracting visitors? You obviously can't feature all those keywords in every little text ad. Google only gives you three lines of a few words each to get noticed and make an impression. You need to make some decisions, and you haven't got all day.

The ad text generator can make those decisions for you. To create an ad, just click right over to the Text Ads tab, then click the “Add New Text Ad” button. The text ad generator automatically populates the headline, description line and display URL of the text ad with high-volume, high-traffic keywords from the ad group, saving you precious time and effort:

The Ad Text Generator Automatically Populates Ad Text Fields

Because the WordStream ad text generator tool is integrated with keyword analytics, you'll know the generated text ad is based on real, accurate, up-to-date data from your own log files, so it's practically guaranteed to be relevant.

Of course, you'll need to edit the text ad to include proper punctuation, as well as a call to action to make it more compelling. (In other words, you should tell the user what they can do when they get to your site, such as buy a product or download a video.) But WordStream gets you started, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right keywords and letting you preview exactly how your ad will appear when Google displays it.

When you've made your changes, click “Apply.” Your finished ad might look something like this:

Use the Ad Text Generator to Perfect Your Text Ad

As you can see, not only is your AdWords ad packed with high-traffic keywords, it’s now attractive and enticing. It’s also highly relevant to the keyword you’re bidding on, so it's Quality Score/conversion-friendly.

WordStream also makes it easy to create multiple versions of a text ad, so you can test variations and see which version performs best in the market. To do so, just select an ad and create a copy, which you can tweak as desired. For example, you might try changing the headline to a question, like “Need Aquatic Fish Tanks?”

You can also edit multiple ads at once, delete ads, change the destination URL and more – all from the comfort of your own, private keyword management workbench.

Other Benefits of WordStream's Text Ad Generator

You'll get even more value out of the ad text generator if you use it as a “multitasker.” This AdWords Tool isn't just handy for writing AdWords text ads; you can also use it to get high-traffic, goal-producing keyword suggestions for your AdWords landing pages and other website copy, as well as to populate your Web pages’ meta tags. For example, the tool doubles as a meta keyword generator. You'll cut another dull, time-consuming task from your search marketing to-do list, and you can be confident the suggested keywords will get results.

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With WordStream's ad text tools, better, more relevant Google AdWords text ads are just a few clicks away. Start using the WordStream Ad Text Generator and your search marketing productivity will soar.

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