AdWords Account Tune-Up: Get Your PPC Engine Running on All Cylinders



AdWords Account Tune-Up
Get Your PPC Engine Running on All Cylinders


Could your AdWords account use a Tune-Up?

  • If your account isn’t performing as well as you'd like, regardless of what you’re attempting, you need a Tune-Up so our software can work its magic.
  • If you've exhausted your knowledge of PPC and you're still not hitting your goals, a Tune-Up can get you to the next level.
  • If you know your account needs restructuring, but don't have time to revamp it, a Tune-Up will get you back on track.
  • If you don’t have a defined workflow or you're unsure how to use WordStream efficiently, a Tune-Up will show you how you can be most effective.

Your AdWords account is a complex system of components, working together to ensure that your campaigns run properly, efficiently and effectively. Over time, however, these components can become overwhelming, convoluted and just plain unmanageable. With thousands of search queries, keywords, ad groups, and negative keywords to keep track of, it’s no wonder your account looks like the dreaded utility drawer.

WordStream's AdWords Account Tune-up is a one-time service that will get your AdWords account cleaned up, straightened out and in fighting shape again. Our team of Google Certified AdWords Professionals will analyze your existing AdWords account, reviewing statistics, evaluating campaign structure and identifying issues that are preventing you from reaching your PPC goals. We will then deliver a report that outlines our findings. We will then work with you to address the issues and get your campaigns running smoothly again.

What Can I Get with an AdWords Account Tune-Up?

  • Optimized AdWords account structure
  • More effective ad text
  • Keyword strategy, based on your own account data
  • Negative keyword research and implementation
  • Improving click-through and conversion rates
  • Lowering costs and raising ROI

Tune-up FAQ’s

Will you build a new campaign for me with a Tune-Up?
If needed. Not all accounts need to be re-created from scratch. However, if that is what yours requires, we’ll do it. The most important thing is fixing the issues. How we get there is just part of the fun.

What type of clients sign up for Tune-Ups?
Tune-ups are for any AdWords advertiser who wants expert consulting and action taken on their account to improve campaign performance.

Will a Tune-Up really improve my complicated account?
Most likely yes! But because we cannot guarantee we can fix every account, we offer a free consultation before we begin to assess your account and goals. If we can fix it, we will take the job. If we don’t think we can make significant improvements we will tell you.

How soon can we begin?
We can begin right away! Typically, we will begin with a kick-off call with your dedicated Account Manager to discuss your issues and goals.

Can I sign up for a Tune-Up without being a software subscriber?
Tune-Up clients need to have a WordStream for PPC subscription.

What does a Tune-Up cost?
Tune-Ups are a one-time fee starting at $1,500. A final price will be determined during the free consultation and account assessment. Please see our pricing page for more details.

How do I get started?
Request a consultation or call us at 855.967.3787

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