AdWords Advertising: Increasing Relevance, Increasing Rewards

AdWords advertising is the most popular form of pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing because Google is the most popular search engine. It's just common sense that AdWords advertisers stand to gain the most from PPC by putting their ads in front of the largest potential audience.

However, getting lots of impressions and clicks for your AdWords ads isn't easy—you can't just throw more money at the problem, and even if you could, who has the budget?

Wringing a high return on investment from Google AdWords advertising is a matter of relevance—relevant ads, relevant ad groups, relevant landing pages. WordStream's solutions help search marketers increase relevance while saving time (and online advertising budget). Read on to learn how WordStream's PPC software can improve your AdWords advertising results.


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Step 1: Create More Relevant AdWords Ad Groups

Your AdWords ad position, number of impressions, and cost per click (CPC) are all affected by your Quality Score, which is essentially a measure of relevance. According to Google, you can increase your Quality Score by ensuring a high degree of relevance:

  • Between your text ad and the keyword you're bidding on
  • Among keywords in each AdWords ad group
  • Between your ad and the corresponding landing page

One way to increase relevance across the board is to practice more effective keyword grouping. WordStream PPC Advisor is a PPC management solution that helps AdWords advertisers efficiently segment large numbers of keywords into manageable, tightly related groups. This primes your AdWords ad groups for high Quality Scores.

Use WordStream to create more effective AdWords ad groups

Grouping AdWords keywords by relevance as illustrated above is fast and simple with WordStream. All the manual searching, cutting and pasting that would be required in an Excel spreadsheet is handled in fractions of a second by the software, so your productivity climbs along with your Quality Scores.

Step 2: Write more relevant AdWords ad copy 

WordStream isn't just a keyword selector tool and keyword grouping tool—it's also an AdWords ad generator. The software auto-populates the headline, body and URL of your AdWords text ads as you create them, utilizing the most relevant and popular keywords from that ad group, so you know your ads are relevant and Quality Score friendly. WordStream for PPC enables you to create Google AdWords in minutes as illustrated below.

WordStream is also a text ad generator

You can then adjust the ad copy to craft an eye-catching, compelling message. WordStream lets you preview the advertisement so you can see how it will look to Google users. Here are some tips for improving your AdWords marketing campaign by writing AdWords ad copy that triggers clicks and conversions:

  • Use the keyword in the headline
  • Try dynamic keyword insertion
  • Ask a question (so the searcher will click to find the answer)

Step 3: Optimize AdWords landing pages for relevance

The final step in your relevance plan is to make sure your AdWords ads take potential customers to a relevant landing page. Don't just send them to your home page. An optimized landing page should deliver on the promise of your text ad.

For example, if you bid on the keyword "fish tank pump" and write an AdWords ad that promises a large selection of low-cost fish tank pumps, the landing page should offer fish tank pumps for sale—not fish tanks or pet supplies in general. Both the ad and the landing page should include the keywords in your ad group—because you've already organized your keywords into tightly focused, relevant groups, creating focused, relevant content is a piece of cake.

Following these best practices to maximize AdWords ad copy, ad group and landing page relevance will increase your impressions, raise click-through rates, and ultimately reduce your overall AdWords spend—plus, you'll have more time on your hands. With AdWords Tools by WordStream, it's a win-win for your PPC advertising campaign.

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