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AdWords Click-Through Rate: Get More Traffic at a Lower Cost Per Click

Improving your AdWords click-through rate does more than boost traffic to your site: Improving your CTR means raising your Quality Score and search engine rankings, and lowering your cost per click and minimum bid.

Ways to improve your AdWords click through rate

But raising your AdWords click-through rate is much easier said than done when using AdWords alone. Driving traffic to your site through AdWords PPC ads is an overwhelming and frustrating process that involves immense amounts of strategy, continuous analysis, and difficult decisions. Not only must you constantly keep an eye on how your ads are performing and adjust your ad spend accordingly, you also need to try to manage all of the other important pieces that lead up to executing your ads, like:

A traditional approach to PPC relies on a lot of guesswork and global search metrics that may or may not directly relate to your site. Luckily, improving your AdWords PPC click-through rate becomes instantly manageable and even simple with the right tools to help you. WordStream makes it easy to:


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How Long-Tail Keywords Can Improve Your AdWords Click-Through Rate

Boosting your AdWords click-through rate involves more than just outbidding the competition. You need to pick the right keywords that will cost you less and be targeted to your most qualified customers. Using a more general, highly competitive keyword may sound like a good idea at first, but you end up spending lots of money to target people that may or may not be interested in what you're selling.

For example, if you own a cake decorating business and you bid on the broad term “cake decorating,” your ad may end up displaying to searchers looking for cake decorating supplies. They'll see that your ad is irrelevant to their needs and won't click on it, lowering your click-through rate.

Focusing on long-tail keywords puts you in a much better situation all around. With a long-tail keyword, there are far fewer searches on the term, but it's much more likely that each and every click is someone who is genuinely interested in specifically what you're offering. The great part about this is that long-tail keywords aren't as competitive and therefore cost much less per bid than other keywords, so you can achieve a great AdWords click-through rate at a lower price!

Thankfully, with WordStream, finding long-tail keywords is simple. You get to see exactly what people are typing to land at your site, so you'll know which highly specific terms you should be bidding on and optimizing for. Building over time, this gives you an excellent repository to draw from for your PPC ads, and by using more specific, less expensive keywords, you're actually going to get more qualified traffic, and your higher click-through rate will earn you a better Quality Score.

Improving AdWords Click-Through Rate with Keyword Grouping

Segmenting your keywords into closely related groups plays a big role in helping you improve your expected AdWords click-through rate. WordStream provides suggestions for groups of keywords to segment, and tight, closely related keyword groups lead to more successful PPC ad campaigns.

AdWords Click Through Rate

Why? Because segmenting your keywords into a hierarchy of keyword groups helps you create tight, targeted ad groups. By grouping together specific keywords for more relevant text ads in your AdWords account, you're targeting more qualified traffic and boosting your Quality Score with a higher AdWords click-through rate.

Raising AdWords Click-Through Rate with Well-Crafted Text Ads

So much attention has gone into preparing to execute your AdWords campaign. Don't throw away the opportunity to reap the benefits of your efforts by having a poorly written text ad!

While it's important to optimize for proper keywords and group them accordingly, you can't expect your AdWords click-through rate to improve if you have a poorly written text ad. After all, this is your potential visitors' first interaction with your site, and it needs to draw them in when they see it in the sponsored links. You not only have to optimize the text to include the right keywords, you have to write compelling ads that makes searchers want to click, go to your site, and hopefully convert to a paying customer.

Here are a few tips to ensure a solid AdWords click-through rate with your ad text:

  • Abide by the character limit guidelines, and don't abbreviate too many words or people may not know what you're talking about.
  • It's okay to be upfront about selling something, but you can't use phrases like “click here!” or overuse exclamation points.
  • Be sure that your ad text reflects what the visitor will find on the corresponding landing page; otherwise they'll be confused and leave.
  • Try to show the reader a benefit or identify a current problem that clicking on your ad will solve.
  • Choose a display URL that matches the query you're bidding on.

Following these guidelines in addition to choosing long-tail keywords and creating tightly knit ad groups ensures that your AdWords click-through rate will improve, and so will your search engine rankings.

Improving Your AdWords CTR is Easy With WordStream For PPC

Get started on improving your AdWords click through rate today with WordStream for PPC. Following the guidelines above in conjunction with WordStream will get you well on your way to seeing improved results in your PPC campaigns. From here, you can: