Learning AdWords: PPC Campaign Management Made Easy

Learning AdWords can seem overwhelming if you haven’t had first-hand experience with PPC marketing. Google AdWords is a great place to get free training on the many pieces that go into creating and maintaining an effective PPC program. What’s also important to remember is that learning AdWords is just one piece in your overall Internet marketing program.

In order to really benefit from AdWords, you have to incorporate other components into your search marketing strategy, such as engaging in personalized, data-driven keyword discovery, and building a solid keyword taxonomy to fuel your ad groups and site content prioritization. WordStream gives you this functionality while incorporating AdWords right into the dashboard, making AdWords campaign management very simple.

Suddenly your AdWords learning process gets easier with the support of a robust keyword management solution to help you manage your search engine marketing “big picture.” Learn more about preparing for, setting up and managing a Google AdWords marketing campaign using WordStream in this AdWords learning guide. Here we will show you:

  • Why AdWords is important to your overall marketing plan
  • How keyword research and keyword grouping are essential to your AdWords success
  • How WordStream makes creating and managing AdWords campaigns simpler and more effective with integrated keyword management


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AdWords as Part of your Marketing Plan

A lot of different steps and processes go into creating a successful SEM strategy – from keyword research to gathering data and analyzing it to content creation, and, of course, creating and managing PPC advertising.

Learning how to use AdWords is an important part of that marketing plan. Google AdWords allows you to create text advertisements around your site’s keywords and bid on them so that they display when a user searches on that term. The key to success is in knowing what your most qualified visitors are searching for, so that you can provide them with what they want and turn them into qualified customers.

WordStream works with your site’s data to show you what real people are searching on to find your site. You have the advantage of knowing what words are already working to bring you traffic, and you can plan accordingly by integrating these keywords into your Google PPC AdWords campaign. With WordStream, working directly in your AdWords account is literally a click away, so there is no difficulty in translating your WordStream keyword research and data analysis into action through AdWords.

AdWords is only one piece of the search engine marketing puzzle, however. Knowing which keywords to focus on for your PPC efforts will also help your organic SEO approach, by informing your information architecture and helping you prioritize content creation. When you know which ad groups are performing best in your PPC campaign, you then know to focus on those keywords in your site’s content to drive organic traffic as well.

Poor Keyword Management Can Ruin Your Chances of Success with AdWords

Before you can use AdWords in your marketing plan, you need to develop a list of high-quality, low-cost keywords on which to base your advertising. As you can probably imagine, this isn’t possible to develop overnight. Developing an AdWords keyword taxonomy requires steady expansion over time. In order to directly target your potential customers, you need to know what they’re searching for.

By approaching keyword discovery and keyword management manually, you’re bound to cut yourself short early on in your keyword research. Managing tens of thousands of keywords isn’t possible for one or even several people to do on an ongoing basis. You’ll be ignoring thousands of important keywords, and consequently your ad groups will suffer.

If you’re bidding on ineffective keywords and creating ineffective ad groups, your AdWords campaign will suffer from high cost per action and a low Quality Score.

Managing AdWords Marketing Campaigns with WordStream’s PPC Management System

WordStream provides a seamless and effective alternative to the traditional keyword research approach, which involves managing and analyzing all of your keywords in a massive Excel spreadsheet. Keyword discovery, grouping, and organization is the key to success in your AdWords campaign, so it’s surprising that the majority of search marketing specialists still use this antiquated, labor-intensive approach to their campaigns.

WordStream Advisor helps you expand your keyword list continuously, all while staying organized with a constant stream of keyword grouping suggestions and segmenting capabilities. The keyword selector tools make it easy to discover and organize new profitable keywords for your business.

Manage AdWords

After grouping keywords into tightly knit groups, you can then create ad groups with just one click. Having tightly knit AdWords ad groups improves your Quality Score. This means:

  • Lower costs
  • Better ad positioning
  • More targeted search results
  • A better ratio of clicks to conversions

By iteratively and continuously managing keywords with WordStream, you can expect to strengthen your search engine integrity, improve efficiency, and reduce your overall costs for a high rate of return.

AdWords Integration with WordStream

With WordStream Advisor, AdWords is literally a click away. If you’d like to get started in learning more about beating AdWords and how you can make use of AdWords’ functionality in WordStream: