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At WordStream, we know that creating and organizing a successful Google AdWords campaign is no easy task. That's why we've created a free Google AdWords Learning Center to help you learn how to best optimize your AdWords account.

Looking for expert Google AdWords help? Try our comprehensive AdWords Management Software or our AdWords Managed Services, providing hands-on assistance to help with your Google AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords Learning Center : Free Tools and Resources

Our free AdWords Learning Center contains the resources, information, and tools you need to learn how to use Google AdWords like a pro.

AdWords Help EBooks Library – Read through our AdWords help EBooks. These electronic Google AdWords help books are yours to download for free. Learn how to use Negative Keywords, how to improve Quality Score, how to select different AdWords match type options, and much more!

Free AdWords Performance Grader – The grader evaluates your Google AdWords account by examining essential AdWords metrics such as Quality Score, CTR, and long-tail keyword optimization. This is a great tool for gaging your PPC knowledge; it serves as a mini-quiz for testing your AdWords skills.

AdWords Help From the ExpertsRead our collection of interviews with AdWords experts who scored high on our AdWords Performance Grader. Get help from the experts - learn what this group of Google AdWords champions say about improving your PPC campaigns.

AdWords Learning Tutorials - These free Google AdWords tutorials are a great introduction to AdWords, PPC, and how to use WordStream.

Google AdWords Learning Center

How AdWords Works - Are you wondering "What is AdWords?" Our informative infographic explains process of the AdWords bid auction.

Webinars – Watch past AdWords help webinars online, download webinar slides, or sign up for our next webinar!

Subscribe to the WordStream Blog – Our blog is updated everyday with new help topics for PPC and AdWords.

Google AdWords Customer Support Phone Number - Having strange account issues and need help from Google officials? We can provide you with the AdWords support phone number and get you in contact with someone who can help.

Free AdWords Coupon - AdWords coupon vouchers for new businesses creating AdWords campaigns.

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Free AdWords Voucher - Free AdWords Voucher for $100 in free clicks

Free Keyword Tools – Our Google AdWords keyword tool provides the AdWords keywords help you need. Our free tools include:

Try WordStream for PPC Free! - WordStream offers powerful PPC software that can help revitalize your Google AdWords account. Our advanced software makes it easy to create and craft successful AdWords campaigns.

AdWords Phone Number Support- Still struggling? Call the official Google AdWords Support Number!

Want to Get Google AdWords Certified?

As an AdWords Learning and Help Center, WordStream contains information for improving your PPC campaign as well as resources for those looking to get certified as Google AdWords experts. Read our:

AdWords Certification Guide: This Google AdWords Training Guide provides all the tricks, tips, and learning resources you need to become AdWords Certified

google adwords learning forumAdWords Learning : Why Relevance is Important

If you want to create successful AdWords campaigns, relevance is absolutely essential because Google gives big bonuses to advertisers who concentrate on relevance.

Google wants to present searchers with ads that correctly match their search query and help them reach what they are searching for. Advertisers with tight and relevant keyword groups are rewarded with higher Quality Score.

AdWords Learning : Quality Score

If you want help improving the ranking of your Google ads, start by focusing on Quality Score. Higher Quality Score gives advertisers better AdWords ad positions in Google advertising, which means more impressions as a result. Higher Quality Scores also result in lower cost-per-clicks (CPC), saving money and improving your ROI.

Quality Score is determined by factors such as:

  • Relevance of ad copy
  • Relevance of the ad to its corresponding landing page
  • The ad's click-through rate (CTR)
  • Historical account performance
  • Other relevance and performance factors

Google AdWords Learning

AdWords Learning Center : Advanced AdWords Tools from WordStream

When you sign up with WordStream, you receive the latest cutting-edge AdWords tools that have been designed by PPC experts to help you with every step of the campaign creation and optimization process. You'll gain tools such as:

AdWords Ad Text Generator - Generates instant suggestions for Google AdWords text ads. This AdWords marketing tool makes it fast and easy to write better targeted, more compelling ads that benefit your AdWords PPC efforts. WordStream's AdWords Tool for ad text generating is integrated with your site's keyword analytics, ensuring that the generated text is accurate and up-to-date, since it's based on your own data. 

AdWords Ad Text Tool - This tool automatically analyzes the keywords inside your PPC ad group and suggests relevant ad copy to use in your ad's headline, description, and display URL fields.

Quality Score Tools -  These easy-to-use tools help you implement proven best practices that raise your click-through rates (CTR) and increase the relevance of your ad groups and PPC ads. These scalable tactics help you raise Quality Scores fast, improving ad rankings and lowering advertising costs.

AdWords Bid Tool - WordStream's Bid Tool goes far beyond the typical AdWords bid tool by focusing on the often overwhelming but incredibly important role of PPC management. An effective AdWords management strategy requires the ability to easily organize your keywords into related groups, keeping you organized without expending too much time and energy.

AdWords Keyword Tools - Take advantage of the full version of WordStream's comprehensive keyword tools for optimizing your Google PPC and SEO campaigns.

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AdWords Account Help from WordStream

Looking for more help? Consider getting expert AdWords help from WordStream.

WordStream offers PPC management software and AdWords Services designed to help advertisers create expert AdWords campaigns that bring relevant traffic while saving you time and money.

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