AdWords Management Overview

The Manage AdWords page allows you to leverage WordStream’s powerful research and optimization tools and apply them directly to your AdWords account.

In fact, WordStream allows you to manage all aspects of your AdWords account directly from the Manage AdWords page. This encompasses normal account maintenance such as:

  • Changing keyword bids
  • Writing text ads
  • Adding and pausing keywords and negative keywords
  • Reviewing account performance
  • Changing your campaign and ad group settings

To get started, just click on the "Get Recent Changes" button to download any recent changes to your account.

Beyond these activities WordStream adds a series of tools powered by your own search query data and WordStream’s trillion keyword database. These tools are the located in the ribbon above AdWords grid. These tools include:

  • Add Keywords – Suggests relevant keywords to add to your account to help increase the number of impressions, clicks and conversions an ad group receives. This tool can operate on campaigns or ad groups.
  • Add Negatives – Suggests high impact negative keywords to eliminate wasteful spending and ensure that only qualified searchers see your ad. This tool can operate on campaigns or ad groups.
  • Split Ad Groups – Suggests ways to segment existing ad groups in your account to create more highly focused ad groups that can be better targeted and achieve higher quality scores. This tool operates only on ad groups.
  • Advanced Bid Changes – Allows you to make more complex bidding adjustments to keywords in bulk. This tool operates on ad groups or selected keywords.
  • Campaign Builder – This wizard uses WordStream's trillion keyword database to help you create well-structured campaign, including ad groups, keywords and text ads, in a matter of minutes.
  • Ad Group Builder – Leverage WordStream's trillion-keyword database to help you create highly-relevant ad groups, including keywords and text ads, in just minutes.
  • Keyword Research Tools – This brings you to the Tools page where you can access all of WordStream's keyword research tools.

Once you have optimized your account you can update your AdWords account by clicking on the "Post Selected Campaigns" button.


  • If you ever make changes outside of WordStream you should click the "Get recent changes" button to ensure that you are not working on an older configuration of your AdWords account and that you will not overwrite any work done outside of WordStream.
  • You can also export your account in either Microsoft Bing or Adwords Editor by clicking the "Export Account" button and selecting the desired format.