WordStream SEO for Firefox: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WordStream SEO for Firefox Has Been Discontinued

We've opted to archive these FAQ's available for those who have old or existing versions of our plugin. Please note that we do not support this product anymore.


Q: What is the WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox?

A: WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox is a Firefox plugin, available as a component of WordStream Keyword Research Suite, that helps marketing copywriters, bloggers, and search engine marketers create and publish SEO-friendly Web content. The tool gives writers quick access to new keyword suggestions as well as their own private keyword research database, with features to help you write targeted, keyword-optimized copy for blogs and websites.

Q: How do I download and install the plugin?

A:  Purchase a subscription to Keyword Research Suite, and choose the SEO Upgrade option to gain access to the plug-in. You must be signed into your Keyword Research Suite account in Firefox to download the plug-in installation file. Follow the instructions in the popup window. (If you do not see a popup, make sure your popup blocker is disabled.)

The plugin does not currently work in Internet Explorer or other Web browsers.

You should periodically check for updates (Tools -> Add-ons -> Find Updates) in the Firefox browser.

Q: What is Firefox? Is the plug-in compatible with any other browsers?

A:  Mozilla Firefox is an open source Web browser which you can download free for use on Windows, Mac or Linux. WordStream SEO for Firefox is not currently compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or other browsers.

Q:  What content management systems and blogging platforms is WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox compatible with?

A: The plugin works with any Web-based blog platform or content management system (CMS), like Blogger, Drupal, TypePad, Joomla and WordPress.

Q:  What are the benefits of using the WordStream SEO Content Creation for Firefox plug-in?

A:  Use the plug-in to write landing pages, blog posts, and other marketing copy include:

  • Easier topic selection: Instead of staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike, get topic ideas by drilling down into keyword niches with high potential search volume.
  • More relevant keyword targeting: Keyword suggestions for the plug-in are driven by trends in our propietary keyword database, which uses analytics to determine the most profitable keywords.
  • Stronger keyword optimization: The plugin helps you uncover your best keyword opportunities and place them in key fields so your pages are maximally Google-friendly.
  • Long-tail keyword traffic: Go beyond competitive head terms with long-tail modifiers to capture more traffic over time.

Q:  Can I use the plug-in if I'm not a WordStream customer?

A: You need to have a Keyword Research Suite subscription with the SEO Upgrade to use the plug-in. You can preview how it works by watching this in-depth video demonstration.

Q:  How much does the plugin cost?

A:  The plug-in costs $99/year and can be purchased by choosing the SEO Upgrade option during the Keyword Research Suite checkout process, or by upgrading at a later date through Account Settings.

Q:  How do I open and close the plugin?

A:  To open the plugin in your browser, click on the WordStreamSEO button which appears in two places in your Firefox browser:

  • On the upper right-hand side of the browser tool bar
  • In the task bar on the bottom right-hand side of your browser

Clicking on either these buttons when the plugin is already open will close the plugin. To tuck away the plugin, click on the "<<" button at the top right side of the browser plug-in. When you tuck away the plugin, it maintains your session but will allow you to view your full screen. To close the plug-in, right-click on the "<<" button. When you close the plugin, you will lose the current session.

Q:  How do I connect WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox with my CMS?

A:  Simply launch and login to the plug-in, then login to your CMS in the main browser window. You will know the integration is working when you start writing a new blog post or Web page and the plug-in starts keeping track of the suggested keywords as you use them in your content.

Q:  How does the keyword suggestion tool in WordStream SEO work?

A:  The tool uses the same database of more than 1 billion keywords as our Free Keyword Tool. Just enter a keyword into the box and click "Suggest Topics." The keyword suggestions are grouped and organized using the same powerful algorithms as our Keyword Niche Finder. To start over, click "Reset."

Q:  What if one of the top 10 keyword suggestions is irrelevant to my topic?

A:  You can delete a keyword from the list by clicking the X to the right of the keyword. A new keyword will take its place.

Q:  What if I don't know if a suggested topic is relevant for me? Can I look it up easily?

A:  Yes. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of the suggested topic.

Q:  What are the "long-tail" and "questions" tabs?

A:  The long-tail tab features modifiers that you can include in your copy to capture long-tail traffic. The keywords in this tab have a lower search volume, individually, than the top 10 keywords, but may be more targeted, less competitive, and have higher intent.

Q:  How do I insert a keyword from the list into my copy?

A: Click the Green Arrow icon to the right of the Relative Frequency bar.

Q:  How do I keep track of which keywords I've used?

A:  The plugin keeps a running count of the number of uses of each keyword. A green number will appear next to a keyword once you've used it, and the number will climb with each subsequent use. To see where the keywords appear in your copy, click the yellow highlighter icon at the bottom of the tool, next to the search query box. This will highlight each occurrence of a keyword from the list. To turn off the highlighting, click the icon with the red X over the highlighter.

Q:  Is there a video tutorial for WordStream SEO for Firefox?

A:  Yes, you can watch the tutorial here.

Q:  How can I learn more?

A:  Visit the product documentation to learn more about using the plugin.

Q:  How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Login to your Keyword Research Suite account and go to Account Settings. Click "Cancel Auto-renewal" to cancel the auto-renewal of your account (which occurs one year from your purchase date).