Best Keyword Tool: How WordStream Trumps the Typical Keyword Tool

The best keyword tool—a tool that really adds value to your keyword research—is one that: 

  • Leverages deep data: The best keyword research tool would give you deep access to a huge database of search queries, ensuring you can find hundreds of the best keywords for your business.

  • Allows ongoing keyword research: You need to expand and update your keyword research over time; typical keyword tools make ongoing keyword expansion difficult.

  • Makes keywords actionable: Your keywords are only valuable if you act on them; the best keyword tool enables immediate action from analytic insights. 

These functionalities in a keyword tool ensure that your keyword research is relevant, competitive and can be acted upon for fast, tangible results in SEO and PPC campaigns.

Unfortunately, most free keyword research tools don't provide any of these features.

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite does.

In the coming paragraphs, you'll see why WordStream is the best keyword tool for your money and puts you leagues ahead of the competition.

The Best Keyword Tool Is Private & Data-Driven 

Most free keyword suggestion tools fail to provide search marketers with any competitive edge when it comes to keyword data. They provide a very limited list of general terms; at best, this can serve as a starting point for keyword research. And because these tools are free, your competitors have access to the exact same data. If your keyword research is dependent on public tools, you're basing your search marketing strategies on the same data as your competitors!

WordStream offers a completely different solution. Our Keyword Research Suite is a set of tools designed to help you:

  • Leverage Exclusive Keyword Data - The Keyword Research Suite gives you deep access to WordStream's industry-leading and highly accurate trillion-keyword database.

  • Keyword Data You Can Act On - Instead of just a list of keyword phrases, our tools give your structured, actionable data, ready to use in search marketing campaigns.

  • Keywords When You Need Them - Don't be held back by the limits of most web-based keyword research tools. The Keyword Research Suite is a robust toolset designed for full-time search marketers and business owners, and offers virtually unlimited access, right down to the long tail.

Our Keyword Research Suite gives your search marketing efforts the competitive edge they need to succeed.

The Best Keyword Tool Enables Continuous Keyword Discovery

Most people use keyword suggestion tools the way they were built to be used: once. You generate a keyword list and then never find the time to revisit and update it. But static, out-of-date keyword research is a recipe for flat results. And what you want is growth and improvement, right? Right!

WordStream doesn't just generate a one-time list. You can use WordStream every day and you'll always find new keywords, because our keyword database is virtually bottomless and frequently updated from multiple sources, not just Google.

Best Keyword Tool

These keywords are automatically sorted into highly relevant groups, so your keyword research is always accurate, up-to-date and growing in size and relevance.

The Best Keyword Tool Is Actionable 

Hopefully you're doing keyword research for a reason—not because of its inherent value. The idea is to actually do something with those keywords: using them as the basis of your website content and pay-per-click campaigns

The best keywords tool doesn't stop at spitting out a list of phrases; it creates an actionable keyword database. This is exactly what WordStream provides. From within your keyword database, you can quickly and easily take action for real-world results. You can:

  • Group and organize your keywords: This is a crucial step for search success, and one too often overlooked. Segmenting your keywords by relevance allows you to create more targeted ad groups and Web pages, which perform better in search engines.

  • Analyze your keywords: Drill down to see which keywords and keyword groups have the most potential to drive traffic and conversions.

  • Filter out irrelevant keywords: WordStream includes a powerful negative keyword tool so you can increase the relevance of your keyword groups and reduce wasteful PPC spending by filtering out negative keywords.

  • Create optimized Web content: With WordStream's SEO content creation plug-in, your keyword research will be at your fingertips when you write blog posts or other content for your site, so you can keep track of keyword usage and know your web pages are optimized for search.

The best keyword tool is more than a keyword suggestion tool; it's a complete keyword solution with the power to increase the value, productivity and relevance of all your search marketing efforts.

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