Bing / adCenter Integration


Please note - this Webinar is pre-recorded.

Are you avoiding your Bing account because the clunky interface gives you a headache? Are you hesitant to advertise on Bing because you barely have enough time to commit to AdWords? Look no further! We know that our clients have been looking for an easy Bing management system and we are proud to launch a new feature that meets your needs.

Join our Product Manager, Adam Shain, and Erin Sagin of our Customer Success Team, as they guide your through a tour of our integration of Bing in to WordStream Advisor. We'll highlight:

  • Why Bing integration was the next big step for WordStream
  • How your business can benefit from advertising on the Bing platform
  • Bing functionality within WordStream PPC Advisor


How to create a Bing account from your AdWords account!

For those of you who don’t currently have a Bing account, we recommend importing a copy of your AdWords account once you have optimized your Google performance and know it's time to expand. The process of creating an adCenter/Bing account from your AdWords account can be a bit tricky, so we’ve created step-by-step documentation to walk you through the process. Simply download the document on how to How to Clone Your AdWords accoung in adCenter/Bing (PDF) and you'll be on your way.


As always, if you have any questions, please email at any time.