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Matt Cutts: 'Don't Write the Epitaph for Links Just Yet'

Every year at SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts does a “You & A” question-and-answer session with Danny Sullivan. Matt McGee’s write-up of this year’s interview is full of juicy tidbits and interesting insight into Google’s inner workings – but it’s worth reminding ourselves that part of Cutts’ job is PR. When a company goes around saying “We value transparency, we value transparency!” all the time,...
June 08, 2012

Bing's Sponsored Results for 'Keyword' Are Out of Control

This is pretty funny – do a search for “keyword” in Bing and here’s an example of the ads that get served: In other words, a seemingly random assortment of merchants – Bloomingdales, BMW of Sudbury, ankylosing spondylitis treatments, whip cream chargers?? Only one of the sponsored results has anything to do with keywords, the one on the bottom for an “SEO Site Analyzer” (notice, though, that...
June 06, 2012

Everything You Want to Know About Quality Score & Landing Pages

We recently ran a joint webinar with landing page specialists Unbounce called “How to Use Killer Landing Pages to Get Better PPC Results” (you can view the slides from that webinar here). We didn’t have time to answer all the great follow-up questions from attendees, so we’re answering them here on the blog. Special thanks to Tom Demers of Measured SEM for his help with answering these questions...
June 04, 2012

WordStream's Best of the Month: Our Top 10 of May

  It’s three weeks or so till the summer solstice, but everyone knows Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s time to put on your white jeans and accidentally squirt ketchup on them when preparing to eat a hot dog. It’s also time to check out our blog’s greatest hits from May, just in case you missed them the first time. Your social calendar is filling up with barbecues and...
May 31, 2012

WordStream Takes News Media By Storm: CEO Ralph Folz on Fox, BBC

  Last week, when we released data revealing Facebook’s shortcomings as an advertising platform, we didn’t know how timely it would be. Then GM announced it was pulling its $10 million Facebook campaign, claiming the ads weren’t working. Coming right before the IPO, the news was a shock – but we were able to step in with an explanation for GM’s move. For example, despite its incredible reach,...
May 25, 2012

Case Study: How One Crazy Poet Raised $10K in 12 Hours with Social Media

Last week, I shared the story of a guy who convinced the Internet that Abe Lincoln invented Facebook – pretty impressive linkbait, but not exactly heart-warming. But those of you with cold hearts need not fear – I’ve got a doozy for you this week. (As Woody Allen would say, there’s nothing like hot cockles.) This story starts with poetry. Several years ago I became acquainted with a poet named...
May 18, 2012

Poll: Do You Use Facebook Advertising?

Yesterday the news broke that General Motors (GM) is pulling its Facebook campaign, to the tune of $10 million, claiming the ads don't work. As Pamela Parker at Marketing Land said, "It couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Facebook, which has its initial public offering of stock later this week." According to the Guardian, this move, coming "days before stock market sale" is "seen as an...
May 16, 2012

Linkbait Case Study: Why Nate St. Pierre Claimed Abraham Lincoln Invented Facebook

Did y’all hear about Abraham Lincoln inventing the internet (or something like that)? It was the meme of the week, an owl in a box for our time – Nate St. Pierre, a blogger and consultant, told the (long-winded) story of his recent trip to Springfield, Illinois, and how he discovered a patent application filed by Abraham Lincoln in 1845 – for a product that looks and sounds a lot like an early...
May 11, 2012

Ch-Ch-Changes! How to Deal with Recent Flux in Google Rankings, AdWords Settings

Color me not surprised at all: I get back from vacation to find that Google has announced yet another change that seems designed to increase profits in Mountain View, not improve results for advertisers. Ad Rotation Wears Out its Welcome On Tuesday, Google announced that the ad rotation setting will only be available for 30 days. As Larry wrote earlier this week: Using the "rotate" setting for...
May 04, 2012

WordStream's Best of the Month: April's Greatest Hits

  Hello from New Mexico! I’m on vacation today, probably somewhere between Taos and Santa Fe at the moment. Technically, I’m speaking to you from the past. I’m like light from a dead star. How’s your Monday going? Probably not as relaxing as mine. Why not take a break from the Mondays and catch up on our blog’s most popular posts of the month? RIP Exact Match & Phrase Match: Google AdWords...
April 30, 2012