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I Pity the Fool Who Missed WordStream's Best of the Month

What do you guys have planned for April Fool’s Day? I have always hated April 1st – as a kid I dreaded going to school that day and walked around braced for stupid pranks. Wait a second, I’m really setting myself up to get punked here, aren’t I? I’m just going to assume that most of you don’t know where I live. This April 1, don’t be made a fool of! Take this opportunity to study up on our top...
March 30, 2012

3 Ways to Use Google Search Suggestions

  Search suggestions: They’re sort of like that annoying friend who’s always trying to guess what you’re going to say before you’re done saying it. I often think, “Nope, Google, that’s not where I was going with that, not at all, at all,” but like many an annoying friend, I’d miss the search suggestions if they went away. Google’s Autocomplete feature provides search suggestions as you type to...
March 27, 2012

Over-Optimization: Oops! Have You SEO'ed Your Site to Death?

  Is your SEO over the top, Vegas-style? At South By Southwest (SXSW) last week, Matt Cutts was quoted as saying that Google is rolling out a new algorithm change that will penalize sites for “over-optimization.” Here’s the transcript of his statement, via Barry Schwartz: What about the people optimizing really hard and doing a lot of SEO. We don’t normally pre-announce changes but there is...
March 22, 2012

5 Lessons from A/B Tests: Improving AdWords CTR with Smarter Copy

We’ve been running guest posts by Ryan Healy, a copywriter for BoostCTR, for quite a while now. Each post focuses on a single A/B test and analyzes the strengths of the winning ad (that is, the ad with the higher click-through rate). There’s so much good ad writing insight in these posts, I thought it was time to dig back through them and pull out some takeaways. Here are five ad writing lessons...
March 20, 2012

SEO vs. Inbound Marketing: Battle of the Brands

  For a while now, there’s been chatter about whether “inbound marketing” should replace the term “SEO.” The conversation came to a head this week (if heads are something that conversations can come to) when Rand Fishkin blogged about it at SEOmoz in “The Brand of SEO and the Trend of Inbound Marketing.” Rand starts by noting the SEO industry’s bad reputation: Last night, a startup friend of...
March 16, 2012

Got Skills? WordStream Is Hiring! Open Positions in Sales, Support, & Paid Search

WordStream has had a big year, posting record-breaking results month over month. It's an exciting time, we're growing fast and we need to add some new manpower (and womanpower) to the team! We're looking to hire smart, dedicated individuals to fill a several open positions in our Boston office (we will be adding more than one team member for each role): Paid Search Strategists We are looking for...
March 15, 2012

PPC Bid Management Guide: The Best Bidding Tips from 18 PPC Experts

PPC bid management is one of the more complicated areas of PPC marketing, so many advertisers choose to automate using either the automated bidding option in Google AdWords or a third-party bid management solution. Both approaches have their upsides and downsides – Google’s automated bidding feature is free, but requires you to give up complete control, and it’s less than transparent. Third-...
March 14, 2012

International Women's Day & The Worst Google Doodles of All Time

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Yay women! And before you get all uppity about why there isn’t an international men’s day, there is: That’s not what I want to focus on today. I want to focus on why yesterday’s Google Doodle was so, so terrible: Let’s just do a quick run-down: The capital G is the gender symbol for woman, AKA the Venus symbol. Fair enough. The second “o” is a flower....
March 09, 2012

Pimp My PPC Ad, Bing Edition! Get More Awesome in Your Bing Text Ads

It’s baaaaaack! And by “it,” I don’t mean Poltergeist, I mean Pimp Your PPC Ad, a regular  irregular feature in which I scan the SERPs for lousy text ads and give them the Pimp My Ride treatment. (For those of you who were born, I don’t know, last year, Pimp My Ride was an MTV show that ran between 2004 and 2007.) For previous editions, see: Pimp Your PPC Ad: 5 Lessons from Lackluster Text Ads...
March 07, 2012

Best of the Month: WordStream's Top 10 of February

  Happy Leap Day, earthlings! Does anyone else find this day kind of creepy? I’m actually getting on a plane to Chicago later, and I’m a little worried that maybe we’ll fly into a wormhole and I’ll end up on the other side of a black hole. I don’t know, my physics is a little fuzzy. I just know Leap Years are weird. (And did you know there are leap seconds too? The next one is coming in June...
February 29, 2012