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WordStream's Best of the Month: April's Greatest Hits

On April 30, 2012


Hello from New Mexico!

Santa Fe Chiles

I’m on vacation today, probably somewhere between Taos and Santa Fe at the moment. Technically, I’m speaking to you from the past. I’m like light from a dead star. How’s your Monday going? Probably not as relaxing as mine.

Why not take a break from the Mondays and catch up on our blog’s most popular posts of the month?

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Announcing the WordStream Internet Marketing 150: The Top Internet Marketing Software/SaaS Providers 2012

On April 25, 2012

The Internet marketing industry is a vast sea of companies of different types and sizes, operating in areas from email marketing to crowdsourcing to SEO.

It’s virtually impossible to operate a business in 2012 without engaging in Internet marketing, and it’s very easy to get lost in this sea of providers. So we’ve created a map to guide you on your journey through the Internet marketing landscape.

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Top 10 Google Update Codenames

On April 4, 2012

Yesterday Google announced another big round of “search quality highlights,” i.e., changes to the algorithm that serves up your search results. These lists – which Google has been publishing on the Inside Search blog since December 2011, supposedly in an effort to “push the envelope when it comes to transparency” – have just gotten more unwieldy and impenetrable over the last several months. The first list included 10 “algorithmic and visible feature changes.” Yesterday’s announcement listed 50 changes.

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