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Top 10 Google Update Codenames

On April 4, 2012

Yesterday Google announced another big round of “search quality highlights,” i.e., changes to the algorithm that serves up your search results. These lists – which Google has been publishing on the Inside Search blog since December 2011, supposedly in an effort to “push the envelope when it comes to transparency” – have just gotten more unwieldy and impenetrable over the last several months. The first list included 10 “algorithmic and visible feature changes.” Yesterday’s announcement listed 50 changes.

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Hello and Welcome to the PPC Idea Center!

On April 3, 2012

Here you’ll find a steady stream of strategic search marketing advice as well as smart commentary on emerging web marketing trends. This content is hand-picked for customers to help you make the most of WordStream Advisor, your AdWords campaigns, and other marketing endeavors. We hope you’ll find it interesting and insightful. Check the PPC Idea Center often – you’ll find fresh tips and ideas every week! 

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I Pity the Fool Who Missed WordStream's Best of the Month

On March 30, 2012


What do you guys have planned for April Fool’s Day? I have always hated April 1st – as a kid I dreaded going to school that day and walked around braced for stupid pranks. Wait a second, I’m really setting myself up to get punked here, aren’t I? I’m just going to assume that most of you don’t know where I live.

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3 Ways to Use Google Search Suggestions

On March 27, 2012


Search suggestions: They’re sort of like that annoying friend who’s always trying to guess what you’re going to say before you’re done saying it. I often think, “Nope, Google, that’s not where I was going with that, not at all, at all,” but like many an annoying friend, I’d miss the search suggestions if they went away.

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