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We're Shortlisted for the US Search Awards!

On September 6, 2013

Following a night of fitful sleep, I got some happy news in my inbox this morning – we’ve been shortlisted in three categories for the 2013 US Search Awards! According to the email we received, “The number and standard of entries has been extremely high, so well done on making the shortlist, which is an amazing achievement in itself.” Go WordStream!

US Search Awards

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Elisa Gabbert

WordStream’s Best of the Month: Our Top 10 Posts in July

On August 1, 2013

Our #1 post of the month (see below) included a tip about adding a progress bar to long forms on your landing page, so visitors can see how much they’ve completed, similar to what you sometimes see while taking a survey:

progress bar

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Elisa Gabbert

Further Adventures in Inbound Marketing: HubSpot PPC Hub & Upcoming Moz Webinar

On July 12, 2013

Recently, we did our best to put the lie to the myth that PPC is outbound marketing. There’s a persistent idea that cost is the determining factor that separates inbound and outbound marketing. But we believe that all marketing has costs – since no channel is free, what matters is ROI. So inbound marketing isn't free marketing, but rather is defined by context and intention.

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Elisa Gabbert

WordStream's Best of the Month: August's Greatest Hits

On August 30, 2013

September is just around the corner! It’s back to school time once again. We’re about to enter into that period when it’s still technically summer but everyone starts calling it fall anyway. It’s not even really a season – it’s an interim period.

Back to School

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Elisa Gabbert

Quality Score Hacks: 3 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Quality Score

On August 20, 2013

Don’t you just love how we can call almost anything a “hack” these days?

Quality Score Hack

Most of the “hacks” I see on the Internet are just tips, but calling them hacks makes it feel like you’re getting away with something. And whatever makes work more fun, I’m all for it.

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Elisa Gabbert

What Makes Great Content Great?

On July 29, 2013

I know y’all are sick of hearing that “content is king.”

Content Is King

“Content is king” is one of the major web marketing clichés of our time, right up there with “SEO is dead.”

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Elisa Gabbert