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5 Super-Basic Writing Tips to Help You Be a Better Web Copywriter

On January 2, 2013

Writing! Anyone can do it (and I encourage you to) but not everyone is good at it (sorry).

This is not one of those article that explains the difference between its and it’s or tells you why you’re using “literally” wrong. (Details, details.)

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Elisa Gabbert

25 PPC Tips & Tricks to Try in 2013

On January 3, 2013

The gym is always extra-crowded this time of year, full of people redoubling their fitness efforts and trying to stick to their weight loss resolutions. The good news is, you can apply the same enthusiasm to your AdWords account without having to park at a crowded gym and fight for a spot on a bench or in your favorite class!

PPC Tips

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Elisa Gabbert

WordStream's Year in Review: Our Best Posts of 2012

On December 26, 2012

Well guys, we did it! WE BEAT THE MAYANS! We got through December and the world didn’t end. Or, if it did, one can hardly tell the difference. I hope you didn’t sell all your possessions or anything rash like that. Awkward!

I’m all about looking forward – 2013 Ho! – but before we rush off into next year, let’s take a quick look back at what happened in 2012, the year that was almost the end.

Our top 10 most popular blog posts this year were:

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Elisa Gabbert