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Creating the Next Generation of PPC Superheroes

On May 8, 2013

Our friends at Hanapin Marketing and PPC Hero need your help!

PPC HeroPat East, the CEO of Hanapin Marketing, teaches a summer workshop at Indiana University that covers all aspects of Internet marketing, including a core module in PPC. Their grades are dependent on demonstrating their PPC knowledge by successfully creating and managing an AdWords account for a real business.

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Brooks Brothers' Gatsby Collection & Other Advertising Tie-Ins That Totally Missed the Point

On May 7, 2013

There aren’t too many benefits to being an English major type – extra zeroes on your paycheck sure ain’t one of them – but we take our kicks where we can get them, and being self-congratulating and superior when someone misinterprets something literary is one of them. So in this post, I’m going to shame some companies that totally missed the point when it came to using a book, poem or song in their advertising campaigns.

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Review of Mention, a Great Alternative to Google Alerts for Brand Monitoring

On May 6, 2013

Back in April 2012 I wrote about how Google Alerts had pretty much stopped working for me. Recently, they clearly tweaked something, because Google Alerts are working better, as Danny Sullivan noted at Search Engine Land recently. However, they’re definitely not back up to the level they were at when I first signed up for a Google Alert years ago. Why not? Apparently, Google only sends you new alerts under these circumstances:

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April Top 10: WordStream's Best of the Month

On April 30, 2013

Guess what happened this weekend? My four-year hiring anniversary quietly passed. Yes, it’s true, as of April 27, I’ve been working at WordStream for four years. I know, right?! Happy anniversary to me.

Elisa Gabbert

Nobody baked me a cake, so I had to draw one. (Don't feel bad, I'm actually allergic to cake. Wine's A-OK though. #sendwine)

Who else has been at WordStream four years or longer? Just three people:

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5 Big Brand PPC Ads with Critiques: What We Like, What We'd Change

On April 24, 2013

What big brands are able to do with their enormous marketing budgets is inspiring – though sometimes it mostly inspires jealousy. The typical small business can’t sponsor the Olympics or get an ad spot during the Super Bowl. You have to tinker around with more accessible campaigns that cost less but typically have smaller reach as well.

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The Future According to Larry Page: Outlook Lazy

On April 22, 2013

On the Q1 2013 earnings call last week, Larry Page spent a lot of his time taking about the future – a future that will not be social, as Page might have had us believe in the past. He didn’t mention Google+ once on the call, and social media only came up insofar as YouTube is social. That’s a switch!

Future of Google

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As March Goes Out Like a Lamb, Let's Review WordStream’s Best of the Month

On March 29, 2013

So, I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks, and we’ve entered the eye twitching stage of stress. It feels kind of like this:

Eye Twitch

But it probably doesn't look like I'm trying to wink badly ... right? Guys?

Anyway. Today marks the last weekday in March, which means it’s time to review our top 10 blog posts of the month. ICYMT (In case you missed them), check out the awesome:

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