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Google+ Is Toast, Burnt Toast: YouTube & Google+ Are Breaking Up

Wow. Yet another shovel has arrived to dig Google+ an even deeper grave… Just last week I wrote about the long-awaited departure of Google+ photos, and with today’s announcement that Google+ and YouTube are now filing for divorce, my theory that Google+ is walking dead continues to strengthen.   Yup, you heard right, Google+ and YouTube will no longer be affiliated, which means you can comment,...
July 27, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust: Google+ Photos Canned

Many of us saw this coming, but now it’s official – Google+ Photos’ days are numbered. According to an official Google+ post (which was an ironic way to announce it), Google confirmed that the struggling photo sharing service that was a part of Google’s dying social media platform will cease in August. What’s Happening, Exactly? Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing. For users, that...
July 22, 2015

The Top 10 Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time

It’s never been more important to include paid social media as part of your digital marketing strategy. Between the completely ineffective reach of organic content on Facebook, the ridiculous potential exposure offered by Twitter, and the amount of time prospective customers spend on social media every week, if you’re not advertising on social, you’re seriously missing out! In today’s post, I’ll...
July 21, 2015

5 Ways to Get Insanely Low CPCs on the Display Network

The Google Display Network is massive; across this network of millions of websites, apps, and videos, you can reach 93 percent of all Internet users. In years past, though, it was considered a lower-quality way to advertise than search. Image via Think with Google That's not at all true. The GDN has way more ad inventory, lower CPCs, and is often the better choice for some advertisers. The key...
July 13, 2015

PPC Hero’s Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts & Rising Stars of 2015

PPC Hero has just announced the results of their Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts voting for 2015, and I’m super happy and honored to have topped the list! But even more so, I’m so incredibly proud of my team here at WordStream Inc. and thankful to PPC Hero for recognizing the following members of our team: Most Influential PPC Expert #3: Erin Sagin, Customer Service Manager Most Influential...
July 07, 2015

Join WordStream for Marketing Festival Keynote & Conference in Brno #mktfest

The world of marketing doesn’t have to be dry, stuffy or corporate. This November, get your dose of top quality marketing education alongside incredible live band performances, plenty of networking and meetups, and a different party every night throughout the three-day Marketing Festival in Brno, Czech Republic. This year, I’ll be opening the international marketing conference with a keynote on...
July 03, 2015

Behold the Amazing Power of Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags have long been an important tool on Twitter for helping users organize and sort their tweets. They’re a great way to indicate that your content is relevant to a certain topic and to get your tweets in front of an interested audience. Just last week, though, Twitter released a new study claiming that using hashtags in your tweets can actually kill your click-through rate. Say it ain’t so...
July 02, 2015

WordStream + Constant Contact = A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Today we could not be more thrilled to announce a monumental partnership between WordStream and the leader in email marketing, Constant Contact. As two Boston-based digital marketing companies we feel this partnership is the perfect way to combine our powerful offerings to form the all-in-one solution to help small businesses generate and retain more customers through powerful online marketing...
June 30, 2015

Top 4 Reasons to Join Me at INBOUND 2015 (& Get a Huge Ticket Discount!)

Okay, I don’t want to rush you through summer or anything, because we had one hell of a winter and I want to let you savor this for a minute, I really do. BUT… Is it September yet? Because this September, something truly awesome is happening right here in Boston, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from the 8th to the 11th. We’re super pumped here at WordStream Inc. because even...
June 26, 2015

Top 10 Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time

This year, marketers worldwide will spend a whopping $23.68 billion on paid media to reach social network users… and I bet you’re one of them! Paid social has literally exploded recently; just a few short years ago, you probably thought you using Facebook and Twitter organically to somehow get noticed was going to be viable in the long term (ha, ha -- weren’t we naive?). You know you need to use...
June 19, 2015