Why these Four AdWords Success Stories are Really Just One


Google recently released a series of videos outlining AdWords customer success stories. The videos are instructive in as much as they outline some best practices, but I thought the most interesting thing about the collection is the fact that although they chopped them up into four videos, they are still intrinsically tied together. Let's take a look:

The Power of Keyword Organization

A crucial but oft-overlooked component of AdWords success is effective keyword organization:

We agree with this so passionately that we went and built a keyword research tool.

Keyword Expansion Helps You Find More Traffic and Conversions

This shouldn't be particularly shocking, but the capacity to discover more keywords leads to an ability to find more traffic, leads, and sales:

We believe that continual keyword discovery is a crucial part of paid search success, as well.

Writing Compelling Ad Text

A third AdWords case study included an AdWords user who found more compelling ads led to more clicks and more business:

It's definitely a focus of any paid search advertiser to develop a means of generating more clicks and conversions with ad text.

The Importance of Managing Bids

Shockingly, Google also highlights a happy AdWords customer who benefited from an increase in bids:

Clearly bid manipulation is a crucial component of any paid search campaign.

The Real Story Here

The thing that sticks out to me, though, is that none of the other best practices will be effective if you don't have a well-organized campaign:

  • You can't add new keywords (even great ones) and expect them to be effective if you are introducing them into a disorganized campaign with poorly targeted segmentations.
  • You can't write compelling ad text to a group of keywords that aren't intelligently organized (and if you aren't writing compelling ad text, those new keywords you're adding won't be able to drive a visitor to your site).
  • You can't manage bids efficiently with a disjoined paid search campaign, and you will be paying more for every click anyway if you have a mismanged campaign with sloppy organization, bad ad text, and low click-through rates.

Keyword analysis and bid management are very well-established, universally accepted best-practices. Even ad copy gets a lot of attention and is universally acknowledged as a key focus for paid search optimization. But ultimately keyword organization is the fundamental structure behind and beneath everything you do with a paid search campaign. Get better organized, and you'll likely be an "AdWords Success Story" candidate in all of the areas outlined above.

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