Welcome to the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog


Welcome to the WordStream Blog!

We’ll be covering a variety of things related to Internet marketing here on the blog, but since we sell a keyword management tool, we thought we'd start there. So, in the next week, we'll be rolling out a series of keyword-related content. First, later on today we’ll be publishing our “search marketing philosophy”; a ten point search manifesto penned by WordStream founder Larry Kim. Additionally, we’ll be publishing our Keyword Management & Optimization Guide—a series of series that will cover:

**Special thanks and a collective editorial hat tip on the keyword series to:

Additionally, we’ll be putting together weekly Friday re-caps starting April 17th that will include:

  • A list of links from around the Web highlighting various blog posts, tutorials, and other interesting search marketing tid-bits.
  • Some interesting people you might consider following on Twitter (an old-school, blog-hosted version of Follow Friday).
  • A Tweet of the Week recap of what went on in the world of Twitter.

And, in the interim, we’ll be churning out all kinds of content on various topics. So stay tuned, subscribe, and let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered or a question you’d like answered. Welcome to the blog!

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