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Follow Friday: The Week in Search

What happened, what's about to happen, and what you need to know about the world of search engine marketing.

Before we get to it, we want to be clear that we did not create the idea of a Friday Roundup, but hey, imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Here are some Friday Roundups that we especially enjoy:

  • The Team at PPC Hero
  • Rebecca from SEOmoz
  • Virginia Nussey

Google's New Interface:

Wondering what Google AdWords and lollipops have in common? Thanks to AdWords' new ability to track multiple conversions, Dan has named these hyper-responsive customers and keywords "lollipops" as they're deserving, sweet, and warrant special attention. Search engine marketing and candy? Finally something I can relate to!

I'm also a fan of Amber's post from PPC Hero, not only because of the pictures, but because it strikes a great balance of instruction and opinion. Amber's verdict? Definitely an improvement over the old interface, but the navigation leaves something to be desired.

Webmasters, on the other hand, are desperate for improved ease of usability. On a webmaster forum, user RhinoFish points out that we may be to blame. Ask and you shall receive, he says, but you may just end up confused in the end.

Read our thoughts about the new AdWords Interface. What do you think?

How to Make Money With Search Engine Optimization

With all the competition surrounding keywords, chances are good that you're not going to easily end up on the first page of a SERP for a general keyword. Instead, says Seth Godin, the better option is to direct your effort towards a keyword you already own, like your brand or trademark term. Make an incredible product or service, come up with an interesting name and trademark it, then get people talking.

Read Aaron's response to Seth on the SEO Book blog. As he says, rather than mourning the loss of a general keyword you're never going to own, focus your energy on long tail keywords. Randfish chimes in with his opinion here. He mentions there are actually as many ways to use SEO as there are ways to make money online. How many ways do you think there are to make money with SEO?

The World of Twitter

WordStream SEM Tip of the week: "Link build for mid tail terms, cross link to head & long tail pages, watch all ships rise w/ the link juice tide."

Tweeps to Follow:

  • @mktgbill
  • @katemorris
  • @petrarch74
  • @shelldigity
  • @InsideDomaining
  • @marcbaumann
  • @emd5005
  • @matt10spaces
  • @nick_thompson
  • @MarjyMeechan
  • @Quality_Score

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