It's Friday! Has Google Gone Too Far?

Follow Friday: The Week in Search

Some great changes and debates were had in search marketing this week. Here's what we're following:

Is Google Just A Big Bully?

If you're not actively reading blog posts from the gals at Outspoken Media, I strongly suggest adding them to your list. Their posts are knowledgeable, daring, and well-written. I admit to have a friend crush on @lisabarone, but I especially loved her talk about the newly released Google Profiles. Under the arguable guise that Google is giving you control over your name, people are rushing to stake claim in something others have worked hard to already own. As Lisa says, "I either act like a good little girl [and make a profile] or I risk creating a reputation management issue for myself down the road. I’ve worked hard to build up content that ranks for my name, why do I lose that ranking just because someone else decided to hand over more information than I did?"

Another interesting post about this issue can be found over at SEOmoz. The writer didn't think much about Google profile's until it hit her that her name is Jennifer Lopez! Is this finally her chance to rank for a name she unfortunately shares with a big name celebrity? Great comments can be found following both posts. My personal favorite is from Bryan: "What happens if your real name for your profile happens to be 'Miami Condos?'"

What do you think? Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? Is Google being too aggressive?

Do You Neglect Your Sitemap?

As Wikipedia has taught us all, thorough internal linking can go a long way towards improving your search ranking. Together with a proper site map, you may find yourself rising higher and higher on SERPs. Check out Carrie's article for some great tips and direction. Use keywords, themes and correct follow and nofollow to improve both search results and usability.

Check out what WordStream suggests for aggressive linking as well as a guide to a flat site architecture from Whiteboard Friday.

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