It's Friday! Yahoo, Google and Twitter Search

Follow Friday: The Week in Search

Here's what we read and enjoyed this week in the world of search marketing

The Release of Twitter search

In the interest of full disclosure, I was not one of the lucky ones that had "Twitter Search" associated with my twitter account during the beta phase. Imagine my delight when it popped up on my TweetDeck this week and I could finally experience what everyone had been talking about!

The even better news is that the tweeps at Twitter are working hard to improve the feature. Check out this article to read more about the progressions that will include indexing the context of a link's landing pages and a reputation ranking system. Frank Reed addressed this release and his post includes pertinent information and useful observations, including my favorite, "Holy Potential Game Changer, Batman!" 

Here's my question: Should we start getting used to twearching? Seems like a matter of time until Twitter Search gets itself a Twitter nickname...

Google: Where Were you on Swine Flu?

Since Google's inception and seemingly immediate domination over internet searches, users have gone back and forth over how we should perceive Google. We blogged last week about Google as a potential bully and there were a couple related articles this week that were especially interesting.

Fantomaster elaborated on a post originally published in March on the e-justice blog entitled "25 Surprising Things That Google Knows About You." Included in details Google knows about you are your financial information, interests, friends, cell phone number and medical issues. Fantomaster's post is great because it links to opinions given by high profile web users and search marketers in an organized, easy to read fashion (plus, I love the cartoon they used, posted below).

 Google and privacy

I agree, Google has access to a lot of personal information, but is that really such a scary thing? I trust that Google understands the repercussions it would incur if private information about me was leaked, so I personally don't worry about it too much. Then again, maybe I'm just naive... What do you think? Are you nervous that Google knows so much about you?

Regardless of your answer, I'm wondering about e-justice's what Google knows about you #11: "When you're going to get the flu."

Google, where were you on this whole swine flu thing? Sorry, Wilbur, I mean H1N1.

Is Yahoo! Shooting Itself in the Foot?

If any of you have met WordStream's Marketing Director Tom Demers you'll know that he has incredible patience and he doesn't get fired up easily. Having that in mind makes it especially concerning (and to be honest, a bit amusing) when Tom tries to make changes in our YSM PPC marketing account. Fellow search marketers can empathize--Yahoo! simply has a long way to go if they want to catch up to Google, especially in regard to user interface.

The Rimm-Kaufman Group wrote this week about Yahoo! making changes to their matching policy and expanding their definition of "advanced matching." As a result of this change, RKG has been experiencing an increase in unrelated and irrelevant traffic to their site. While this may temporarily increase Yahoo!'s revenue, it's really not helping anyone. Advertisers certainly aren't benefiting, and it may lead to a trend that Yahoo! searchers start to mistrust sponsored links. At least they still crawl the meta keywords tag. ;)

What happens when Yahoo! searchers stop getting relevant results? What happens when Yahoo! advertisers start seeing an increase in pay per click campaign ad spend without an increase in conversions? Is Yahoo! the next Plaxico Burress?

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