It's Friday! Long Tail Debate and Employee Expertise


Friday: The Week in Search  

More debate regarding the Long Tail and WordStream employees share their expertise through various publications.

The Long Tail of Search: Is it Dead? We Don't Think SO!

At the beginning of May, experienced search engine marketer Andrew Goodman published a post entitled "PPC-Man Drowning... Too... Many... Keywords." In it, he contends that the time to include long tail keywords in your SEM campaign as an effective keyword strategy has come and gone, and more than that, it's been gone for a long time. To back up this statement, he explains that in a single campaign of his, 104 out of 116 conversions came from the top 15 keyphrases, so cutting down his keyword list to include only the most popular keywords wouldn't have made much of a difference. 

This article spurred a lot of conversations in the WordStream office as we all sit on the other side of the fence. With Google saying that approximately 25% of search queries are unique and searchers trending towards using longer queries with 56% of buyers searching with 3 words or more, how can the long tail of search be dead? Check out what we have to say on the topic:

  • Ding Dong? The Truth About the Life and "Death" of the Long Tail of PPC: My colleague, Tom, wrote an outstanding blog post detailing his (our) side of the story, reminding readers that search queries and keywords aren't the same thing! The proof being used to exert that the long tail isnt an effective strategy includes an inherent disconnect between the things you're bidding on and the things you're actually buying.
  • Long Tail Webinar: Determined to prove Goodman wrong, WordStream founder, Larry Kim, held an incredibly insightful webinar expressing his views about the importance of the long tail in search. Whether you're an experienced search marketer or a novice unfamiliar with the long tail, this webinar recording is a must-watch.
  • Is the Long Tail Dead?: Check out and download Larry's slides from his webinar explaining why the long tail of search is in fact alive and well. Feel free to forward the slides to friends and colleagues. 

What do you think? Is the long tail "so 2005?"

WordStream Employees Share Their Expertise

Larry published an article this week in iMedia Connection entitled "Build a Better Plan in 10 Easy Steps." Highlights include:

  • The dangers of ignoring keyword research and management tactics
  • Why your customers are the best source of keyword data for your business
  • The value of your own proprietary, comprehensive and up-to-date keyword taxonomy
  • Connecting the dots between PPC and SEO for an overall better marketing strategy

Tom wrote for Search Engine People the article "How to Write PPC Ad Copy: Four Templates That Cause Clicks and Conversions." Highlights include:

  • The most important factors to consider when composing ad text
  • Four tested and true varieties of ad copy for the best conversion rate and ROI
  • Going beyond ad text-critical considerations when comparing and analyzing ad copy variations

Our New SEO Tools Reviewed in Search Engine Journal!

Forgive us for being a bit self-promoting, but we're all incredibly excited to have been reviewed in Search Engine Journal this week!  Author and SEO expert, Mihaela Lica, played around with a Free Trial of WordStream recently and she had some incredibly complimentary things to say, specifically about WordStream as a search engine optimization solution:

WordStream handles keyword lists that can be thousands or hundreds of thousands of words long. The software, based on parameters you set, will then segment these keywords into groups. These groups will then help the SE marketer write compelling SEO copy based on those keyword phrases that are actually most performing and optimize pages for other keywords that are not that strong. For PPC this could drastically improve quality scores...

The beauty of the tool is actually managing keywords into groups, and even being able to determine “segments” of keywords for each main “group category.” The tool expands the keyword database continuously, based on an action tracker you set up into the WS account. This “expansion” will include negative keywords too and the process will be continuous, helping you actively monitor trends."

Have a suggestion of a way to make WordStream a better keyword solution for both PPC and SEO? Let us know in the comment field, below.


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