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Keyword Mapping: Play SEO Matchmaker for Superior Relevance and Intent


Ken, You talk here about mapping keywords by intent (navigational, informational, transactional). As a user of Wordstream, I don't see a specific feature that helps me to do this and you don't show an example in the article above. How are you thinking this would be done using Wordstream?

Tom Demers
Sep 04, 2009

Hi Jeff,

Basically you would do this within WordStream by using custom filters (you can create "container" groups and then copy/paste a list of modifiers to include in that segmentation), or by creating your sub-segmentations based only on specific modifiers (as you are looking at segmentation suggestions, you can aggresively reject anything that isn't a modifier and only accept segmentations that reveal the layer of intent that you're looking for).

Hopefully that makes sense, if not feel free to shoot me a note at tdemers at wordstream dot com and either I can walk through it with you or Bob and John can.

Thanks for commenting and for reading the blog, let me know if you need anything!


Apr 23, 2010

Another alternative for creating a graphical map of keywords is It maps any combination of up to three phrases to show the importance of each word and the relationships between words within related phrases.

Rita (not verified)
Aug 01, 2012

Very nice, clear article with useful details. Thanks!

Aug 03, 2012

Nice explanation. But I'm still woried about keyword mapping on small affiliate sites with 5-10 posts. It doesn't seems the same with this.

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