It's Friday: The Future of Keywords and Marketing

The Week in Search

This week, we ask how marketers should optimize tweets and if Google is the latest unhealthy addiction.

Is Twitter Search the Future of Keywords?

It wasn't long ago that many search marketers were questioning if Twitter search would overtake Google as the Internet's preferred search engine. With the introduction of Microsoft's Bing, Twitter search recently got a bit lost in the shuffle. However, the debate is far from over and some great conversations about this topic continued this week.

Check out Michael Boland's May article from Search Engine Watch in which he states, "If there is one thing that points to Twitter's staying power, it's that Google is showing signs that it feels legitimately threatened." He's probably right that the answer to true search ecstasy lies somewhere in between Google and Twitter. Ideally, users could take advantage of Twitter's real-time conversation statistics while also utilizing Google's page crawling techniques to return the most accurate SERP.

What really grabbed my attention this week was Joshua Odmark's article on Search Engine Journal. By tabling the debate over which search system is more dominant, Joshua tackles an important question: How should one optimize content for Twitter search? Here's what Joshua tells us:

  • Hash tag keywords (e.g. #ppc vs ppc) may carry less weight than you think. Stay tuned for a follow-up article where Joshua will go into more detail
  • Include a space between your keyword and any punctuation to ensure your tweet shows in search results. Twitter currently has trouble connecting "ppc" with "ppc!"
  • Remember your keyword research and include different keyword variations in your tweets
  • Keywords still matter in your url even when it's shortened

Here's another question for you: Will these conversation soon include Facebook? The social network has launched a beta phase of Facebook Search which is well summarized in this article from Search Engine Watch. Will you use it?

Are You Addicted to Google?

Are you addicted to Google?

Have you ever compared your search habits to your oil consumption? Well Chris Dannen (@chris_dannen) did and somehow, he makes it work. Check out other blog posts we enjoyed addressing this potential addiction, including the addiction of marketers to Google AdWords:

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Dana Lookadoo
Jun 19, 2009

THANK YOU for the #FollowFriday mention along with some very awesome SEO and SEM marketers. What an honor! I must share that @WordStream has been a valuable add to my Twitter stream and so appreciate your sharing of industry news, findings and analysis.

You summarized Joshua Odmark's article well in this post and provided some helpful tips for readers to understand the power of Twitter keywords in search!

Thanks again, Dana

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