WordStream Founder Interviewed on Online Marketing With RSS Ray


RSS Ray hosts a weekly radio program to discuss all things online marketing, including search engine strategies, analytics and social media. Last week, WordStream's own Larry Kim had the pleasure of being interviewed on Ray's program. We'd like to sincerely thank the entire team for this opportunity and invite you to listen to the program here:

Lary Kim talks about the importance of keyword research and keyword organization on RSS Ray

In the interview, Larry answers the following questions:

  1. What areas of web marketing does keywords impact…it’s more than just natural organic search, right?
  2. Now when a business is in the process of deciding the search terms around which they optimize their marketing, what are the most common factors they should consider?
  3. What ways can a company use to discover search terms and which approach is best?
  4. Does the discovery process for search terms ever end?
  5. You do a lot of work with paid search advertising campaigns. What’s the most important element for success with things like AdWords? 
  6. Why is campaign organization so fundamentally important?
  7. How should our campaigns best be organized?
  8. How do we know the optimum amount of keywords to place in an ad group?
  9. What’s the concept of keyword expansion and why is it important to our online efforts?
  10. Share with us some tips you have for generating more clicks and conversions through ad text.
  11. Your tool developed by you and marketed through your company WordStream – tell our audience about it and how it makes them money.
  12. How is WordStream different than other keyword research and management tools
  13. Who should be using WordStream?
  14. How can people best stay connected with you and the company?

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Gabriella Sannino
Aug 31, 2010

Too bad the iTunes for this post is not available. Actually it stated "Stream not found" I would have been interested in hearing about his opinions.

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