The Necessity of PPC, Insights for Search, and Other Odds and Ends


Elisa’s on vacation today, so you’re stuck with me, which means a much more disjointed Friday Roundup. I promise she'll be back next week.

Since we’ve been pretty self-promotional here on the blog all week I won’t bore you with a lot of stuff about interviews Larry’s done, interviews I’ve done, posts Ken’s written that got a lot of attention, presentations from SES, etc. (See what I did there?)


First off, Google Insights for Search pushed out an update. Insights is a really slick tool; if you’re looking to glean some insight into seasonality, or if you just want to decide which query space to target, you can get a really nice high-level look at the way certain searches are trending. Aaron Wall added this data to his tool, and David Harry has the scoop on the updated features, if you’re interested.

We talk a lot about the different ways PPC can inform SEO, and we even build the various synergies into our product. Earlier this week Gab Goldenberg of SEO ROI had a great post on the subject, in which he answers the questions:

  • Is PPC necessary?
  • Why is testing with PPC a MUST for competitive markets?
  • When is PPC not at all necessary?

And even introduces a really valuable site/product at the end :). Gab writes a lot of really unique, thought-provoking stuff. If you haven’t already definitely check out his blog and sign up for his feed (which has some free subscriber only content in it, I believe).

Other Notes & Tid Bits

Some other interesting things from various online marketing blogs this week include:

  • An interesting look at from Jay Weintraub. Jay writes a lot of really good stuff on flogs, ad networks, and direct marketing
  • A post from SEO Book on the pros and cons of affiliate marketing
  • On the subject of Bing RKG had a nice piece and Andrew Goodman had some interesting things to say as well.
  • Marty Weintraub from AimClear had a great piece on ad agencies outsourcing search.
  • Loren Baker had a really good overview of natural link building at Search Engine Journal (which really seems to be doing a great job of stepping up their content creation since the merger and site redesign; they had a couple of really good social media pieces last week as well).

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Dana Lookadoo
Aug 21, 2009

Yo! Yo! to Wordstream! Feeling quite humbled yet honored to be "double listed" in your Friday roundup!

Most of all, this post has so many great posts, some I missed. I can't get enough of what you guys deliver! Thanks for putting together this recap. Forget my RSS, I'll just read off this page!

Thank you!

Tom Demers
Aug 22, 2009

Thank YOU for all the kind words and encouragement Dana, we're anxiously awaiting the September launch!

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