WordStream's Top 5 Whiteboard Fridays From SEOmoz


A lot of good things happen on Fridays: payday, a more casual office environment, the start of the weekend, and of course, a helpful lesson from Rand Fishkin and the crew at SEOmoz. For over two years now, SEOmoz has posted quick tutorial videos every Friday, also known as Whiteboard Friday.

Below are five of our favorites--cue the techno music!

PPC Basics: 10 Minute Rundown of PPC Strategies Everyone Should Know

An oldie but goodie, this video staring Tom Critchlow breaks down the most important aspects of search engine marketing and PPC.

The Future of SEO: Rand's Take on Where Search is Going

How important will content be going forward? How will Twitter affect SEO tactics? Find out what Rand thinks is coming next for search engine optimization.

Domain Trust and Authority: Google's Algorithm Changes Again

Google certainly keeps us on our toes by continuously altering their algorithm to affect SERPs and SEM strategies. This video from April gives an overall view of how Google calgulates trust and authority and suggests ways to improve your own website's rating.

How to Get Awesome Links: What Makes a Link Awesome And How to Get Them

When Rand mentioned "awesome links" in a previous Whiteboard Friday, readers wanted to know more. In this video, he goes into detail about how to evaluate and get high-quality (awesome) links.

Architecture for Commerce: Information Architecture Tips & Tricks

Do you sell something on your website? If so, this video is helpful on ways to organize your website to keep customer confusion down and sales up. Though it focuses on large commerce sites, there's still plenty to learn for even the smallest commerce website.

We hope you enjoyed our selections! With so many to choose from, it's hard to identify just 5 to highlight here (almost as difficult as picking your favorite Seinfeld episode). What's your favorite Whiteboard Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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