Monthly Blog Roundup: WordStream's January Highlights


Winter in Boston

The end of January. The Thursday of winter. Spring, she is so close, and yet so far—especially in Boston, where spring's subtitle is Winter Part 2: The Bitch Never Left.

Whether or not you live in a northern clime, please allow our best loved blog posts from the past month to warm your hearts and extremities:

New Social Media Polling Data Suggests Republican Scott Brown Will Trounce Democrat Martha Coakley in US Senate Race: This timely post (whose prediction turned out to be correct) trounced our other blog posts in traffic this month. In fact, it's one of our most popular posts ever. Check out how Larry looked at social media metrics to determine who—despite what the polls said—was the more popular candidate.

Social Media Poll: Conan vs. Leno: In this copycat post, I borrowed Larry's methodology to see how Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno compared in terms of social media engagement metrics like Twitter and blog mentions.

Top Search Marketing and Social Media Research Projects of 2009: We actually published this list, divided into categories like search query analysis papers and social media research papers, on New Year's Eve, but it was too late to make last month's list, and a lot of people clearly found it useful.

Looking for a Job? Five Tips and a Few Open Positions: Even if you're not looking for a job, this post offers some good tips for job hunters—like where to put education info relative to job experience on your resume.

Google vs. Bing: Bing Hates Blogs: I looked into why my blog and others don't seem to rank well, if at all, in Bing—even for highly relevant queries.

Know Your PPC Traffic! The Real Deal Behind 'Search Partners': In this guest post, Shawn Livengood of PPC Without Pity explained how Google's search partner network works and how, as an advertiser, you can opt out.

A Search Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions: Another post by WordStream Founder Larry Kim. He outlines ten SEO and PPC resolutions for a more successful 2010.

16 Great Online Marketing Twitter Lists: This list of lists features all our search marketing must-follows on Twitter.

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