Thanks for the SEMMY!


I was lucky enough to win a SEMMY for best 2010 PPC article. Many thanks to Matt McGee and David Mihm for taking the time to highlight various contributions within the search space, and thanks also to the PPC Hero blog for letting me put the post up there. I wanted to highlight some of the other winners:

  • The link building category was stacked with three strong articles. Our friend Garrett French churns out a ton of great stuff with staggering consistency, and anyone with any serious level of familiarity with the industry is familiar with Weip, who's similarly impressive in terms of consistently high-quality content creation.
  • The blogs and blogging category is another deep one, with the Guide to Guest Blogging being a really great overview on how to effectively execute on external posting opportunities.
  • We have a lot of SMB clients, so I thought the Small Business category was really interesting.
  • The Google category was a great one featuring three think-pieces by some of the industry's best minds.
  • And of course the Search Tech category had some great stuff, and a well-deserved win for our friend David Harry of the Huomah SEO Blog.

I'd highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out all of the articles: and thanks very much to anyone who voted for my article!

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Feb 03, 2010

Congratulations on winning a Semmy

Congrats Tom on winning a Semmy. And thanks for educating many of us that Semmy exists.

For me, your blog article referring to a small gold mine of useful articles is one of the reasons I read every day.

Thanks again.

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