Announcing the Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition


It's an age-old question that many in search engine marketing struggle with: "How do I judge competition for keywords?" Do it wrong and you could waste countless hours and dollars chasing after an impenetrable market. Do it right and you could uncover a very profitable keyword vertical.

Given the importance competitive keyword analysis, we reached out to 35 of the world's top search marketers and asked them a single question: “What is your best tip/trick for determining how competitive a keyword is?” We've collected the answers and compiled them into the Web's first comprehensive guide to analyzing keyword competition.

The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition features advanced tips and tactics from such search gurus as Aaron Wall, Rand Fishkin, Michael Gray, Todd Malicoat, David Harry, Gab Goldenberg, Ian Lurie, Patrick Altoft, Jill Whalen, Michael Martinez, Dana Lookadoo, Garrett French, Marty Weintraub and many more SEO and PPC keyword experts.

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Note: the concept for this guide was inspired by Garrett French's sensational article in Search Engine Land on link queries from 21 link builders. Garrett also writes for the Ontolo Link Building Blog.

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Feb 09, 2010

I enjoyed Aaron Wall's and Larry Kim's just do it philosophy. Test some content, see how it ranks, move onward.

Larry Kim's thoughts on keyword effectiveness are global in nature. A team effort on hundreds of grouped keywords will yield more visitors than obsessing about page rank for one long tail keyword (a good thing to remember when your Chief Marketing Officer asks why you don't rank #1 for some keyword phrase).

Recently I learned the importance of [intitle:keyword], [inanchor:keyword]. Nice to know I actually knew something already from the article.

I liked Federico Munoa reminding us to do our homework on Yahoo and Bing regarding competition.

When I have a chance I look forward to testing all of the suggestions from your contributors.

Two additional comments.

1) Before you focus on SEO for a long tail keyword, shouldn't you test it with PPC first and a test landing page?

2) Is there any software for keeping track of keyword SEO campaigns that are global like the ones Larry Kim described? If we focus on a 100 keyword groups how do we track our progress over time with with those 100 groups, their SERP improvements, and their ROI to the firm?

Thanks Ken. Thanks WordStream. Great brain food.

Tom Demers
Feb 10, 2010

Hey Richard, Thanks for the comment, I liked Aaron and Larry's tips as well. I like to do 1, I think there are a lot of synergies between SEO and PPC, and I think 1 is a great way to judge volume and in some respects competition. As for two, I would recommend taking this for a spin :). Our software, as far as I know, is the only application that lets you track the progress of groups of keywords over time: we focus on both traffic and conversion data, and don't currently offer any ranking information, but ultimately rankings are an input to traffic/conversions, and the more bottom line results you're seeing from a group over time the better. Thanks Richard, always appreciate your feedback and observations! Tom

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