Announcing The Experts' Guide to Keyword Research for Social Media


Keyword research isn't just for search marketing. It's also a highly effective method for social media marketing. Whether your target audience is on YouTube or Twitter, your social media marketing efforts should start with determining which keywords they're using. That way you can match your message to their interests.

With that, I've put together The Experts' Guide to Keyword Research for Social Media. In this comprehensive guide, I give detailed instructions on how (and why) to conduct keyword research for social media, and I break it down with tips and techniques for research keywords on four of the most popular social media platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. Enjoy!

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Richard Kraneis
Mar 04, 2010

Keyword Research and Keyword Implementation for Social Media

Research is one thing, implementation is another.

Ken, I used your techniques about Twitter keyword research and learned a few things. But implementation of that knowledge is elusive. Perhaps it's just because I'm not that much into social media (but I do use Twitter).

Using for the phrase "organic cotton" for Twitter I learned all of these #hashtags: #baby, #sleep, #organic, #cotton, #ecofashion, #fashion, #ecofabulous, #eco, #sexy, #fitted, #teeshirts, and #Fairtrade. How will I utilize this knowledge to spread the word regarding my "organic cotton" products or services?

I could follow the hundreds/thousands of people on Twitter who use organic cotton related hashtags. I could engage follow, DM them, converse, and hopefully sell to them down the road. This seems very labor intensive. If someone's paying me to do it, I'd do it. If I'm selling an organic cotton mattress for example, I might look for another Twitter technique.

Perhaps I could just use #hashtags relating to organic cotton to do tweets selling organic cotton products. I've never read anything on the success rate of that technique on Twitter. I suspect the conversion rate is low.

Most likely, I would use the organic cotton #hashtags in tweets referring people to my blog articles with titles like:

1) Organic cotton products are better for kids because...
2) What the heck is organic cotton anyway?
3) Do people sleep better on organic cotton mattresses?

If people want to read blogs on organic cotton at my mythical website, perhaps they'll make a purchase of some type.

Like I said Ken, thanks to you I now have better social media keyword tools. But I still need advice on implementing keyword research knowledge for social media profits.

Hopefully our social media friends will visit this blog article and give us their advice now that I have tweeted about your article using the tags #social and #media.

Ken Lyons
Mar 04, 2010

Hey, Richard.
I think you know a lot more than you lead on. ;)
You say, "Perhaps I could just use #hashtags relating to organic cotton to do tweets selling organic cotton products."
That's precisely how you could implement keyword research on Twitter. Find people who use your target keywords or hashtags, follow them, engage and interact with them, promote your products. And while Twitter conversion rates may not be as strong as other channels (although it varies on a case by case basis), there are additional benefits to consider, including brand awareness, site traffic, ranking signals, social networking and relationship building. In any case, like I say in article, marketers who ignore Twitter do so at their own peril.

website builder
Mar 04, 2010

Thanks for this insight on the Keywords role in the social we all know that social media is the best way to make your presence online and getting direct contact with your customers.

Tony Arko
Mar 07, 2010

Thanks for the information. I am using this information to help my consulting customers who don't know a keyword from a link. Thanks again.
Mar 12, 2010

Social media marketing is most important of the site. you can also Find people who use your target keywords or hashtags


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