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SES New York will be the first time WordStream's had an opportunity to exhibit at a Search Engine Strategies show, so hopefully you’ll stop by and say hello to us at Booth 125 if you’re attending. We’ll have lots of goodies like water bottles, desk paraphernalia and official WordStream couture, plus the chance to win an eMachines Netbook! 

If you know you’re attending and would like to set up dedicated time to speak with us, don’t be shy. We’ve even created a special offer for SES attendees to get two months of WordStream pay per click management software for free!

We’ve attended our fair share of industry conferences and tradeshows, and we’ve put together some of our most valuable tips for any conference newbies:
  • Dress warm because convention centers are notoriously sub-arctic.
  • Pack an extra bag to cart away all the goodies and freebies from the Exhibition Hall. (Be sure to visit Booth 125 and say hello to us!)
  • Bring gum – after all, you want to be remembered for your bright ideas, not your dragon breath.
  • Attend at least one conference party. Networking is always easier with a cold beverage in your hand.
  • Speaking of parties, remember to bring hangover supplies for the morning after; aspirin and electrolytes can work miracles after an evening of cocktails.
  • Hold a Lunch & Learn after the conference. Don’t forget to share all your knowledge, PPC tips & tricks with your colleagues … plus, it’s a great excuse to get your company to treat the office to pizza! 
We’d love to hear your favorite advice for industry events as well, please share in the comments below. Safe travels to those of you making the trip to NYC next week. See you there!

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