Announcing Tommy Demers: The Future of Search


Just wanted to let everyone know that today our Director of Marketing Tom Demers and his wife Kendal welcomed a brand new baby boy (and future SEO guru) into the world: Tommy Demers.

Lil' Tommy D weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz. Mom and baby are doing great.

Here's a pic of Baby Tommy, fresh from the oven.

 the future of search

If you want to leave a congratulatory note for Mom, Tom, Big Sister Kierra and Baby Tommy, feel free to drop something in the comments.

Congrats to the Demers Family!


Apr 16, 2010


Apr 17, 2010

Congratulation for the new baby, new live in your family...

Larry Kim
Apr 17, 2010

Hi tom don't forget to register the various things for baby tommy's future digital reputation management -- like domain names, skype ID, gmail address, twitter names, facebook names, etc. it's hard enough to get a good username these days -- hard to imagine how hard it will be in 10+ years! (or maybe facebook, twitter, gmail etc. will all be obsolete by then) anyway, congrats again!

Apr 17, 2010

What a cute little fella! Glad to hear that everyone's healthy. Enjoy soaking in the new baby and congrats on the new addition to your family.

Tom Demers
Apr 17, 2010

Thanks everyone! And yeah Larry he's "Tom Demers" so most of the relevant stuff has been squatted (domain, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) :).

Thanks for the kind words everyone!


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