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WordStream for SEO

We recently re-released our WordStream Keyword Management for SEO product with some new and updated features including the WordStream SEO for Firefox plugin, a content authoring tool. (On Tuesday Larry explained how the new features help marketers leverage the long tail for SEO.) So for the roundup this week I'd like to point to some of the blogs and sites that helped spread the word about WordStream for SEO – we extend a big THANK YOU to all of you!

Ben Spark of Blogging Tips wrote that the new Firefox plugin is what "really makes this product unique": "I’m pretty sure that I am inherently a bit lazy and I like being able to do everything in one place so this Firefox plugin looks great to me. I simply cannot be bothered to have multiple tabs open or additional software open to go back and forth to analyze and then add keywords. With this plugin I can essentially sign into my WordPress account, decide that I want to write about a topic, plug in keywords for that topic and get some great advice for the best keywords and long-tail questions to add to my post … The tool is a great one for making your ideas more specific around a topic that can be very general … A great tool."

Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost wrote that the plug-in "identifies topics marketers should include in the post and helps marketers do a better job of targeting content to a specific audience by providing tips on the words that belong on the page. It also automates the word count as you write, which until now marketers had to do manually."

Sarah Worsham at Sazbean said that WordStream for SEO "offers the same keyword suggestion capabilities as other tools (WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.), but layers on keyword analytics, grouping and organization. Integrated content authoring tools are also included for roughly the same price."

Lorraine of Roundpeg said "this new search engine optimization software provides marketers, bloggers and website owners with host of keyword discovery and content authoring tools. If you are investing in PPC this tool may give you valuable input as you select individual and groups of key words."

Alexandre Brabant of eMarketing 101 said "For blogging, it does not get any better to find content ideas located in the long tail of search queries. Try it!"

Roy Sencio conducted a video interview with Larry Kim about the new product features.

BizReport said "the suite of tools analyzes and suggests keywords by layering metrics and grouping keywords. This helps the tool to move quickly, giving marketers results in a more timely fashion. There are also plug-ins which can be used by bloggers, giving content producers the ability to focus in on specific words or phrases."

5 Star Affiliate Programs said "WordStream today launched a hot new product called WordStream for SEO that has a lot of advanced features. I’ve been talking to the folks over there and am impressed with what they are doing so wanted to share part of the press release to let affiliates know about it."

CoolAdzine said "This is an advanced keyword research tool that goes beyond anything else on the market by leveraging keyword analytics, keyword grouping and organization and integrated content authoring tools." called WordStream for SEO a "fine array of tools that really add to the overall product mix WordStream has provided in recent months."

Search Engine Watch noted that the new plugin "enables authors to research keywords as they blog."

The new toolset was also mentioned by Dev Basu, on Web Analytics World, Marketing Jive and in Search Engine Land's SearchCap.

Thanks for the attention and reviews, everyone!

To learn more about the new toolset, check out a quick video tutorial or read the user guide.

Have a great weekend.

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