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Recommended Resources: Angie Haggstrom

By Elisa Gabbert May 04, 2010 Posted In: Best Online Marketing Blogs Comments: 2

Angie's CopywritingCopywriting is one of the neglected aspects of SEO, rarely mentioned and rarely considered. As an SEO copywriter myself, I should know! I guess writing just isn't as sexy as ... um, building links? (SEOs and their weird fetishes.)

So this week our recommended resource is someone who really knows her writing stuff, from web copy to white papers to newsletters and anything else wordy on the web: Angie Haggstrom, also known as Angie Nikoleychuk, of Angie's Copywriting. Angie is a professional copywriter and online writing coach offering content consulting services. Here are some of the ways you can follow and learn from Angie:

  • Angie is on Twitter (@angscopywriting), sharing links and chatting every day (and she always seems to be in a good mood. Note to self: Complain less). She's on over 180 lists for a reason. She has also compiled a lot of useful lists herself, so if you're looking for more people to follow, check out her resources on social media, writing, and "no bullshit SEOs."
  • The Angie's Copywriting blog offers useful information on SEO writing (of course) as well as general marketing, customer relations, social media and other business matters.
  • Angie also blogs for Site Reference, where she does a series of "master class" posts, each of which is an awesome resource on a given topic in search marketing. Recent master classes have covered keyword research and link building. Other recent posts by Angie have covered "the great paid content debate," the elements of a successful content strategy, and why social networking isn't a link building strategy.

If you're guilty of thinking about copywriting last, or not at all, follow Angie on Twitter and bookmark her blogs for a stream of tips that will help keep your content ranking and readable.

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Tuesday May 04, 2010

Angie Nikoleychuk (not verified) Said:

Hey Elisa,

You've really made my day. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise! Thank you so much for all of the wonderfully kind words, compliments, and work you put into this delightful post. It is most definitely appreciated! (And yes! Those link-obsessed, geeky oddballs ;) )

Heavenly humbled,


Tuesday May 04, 2010

Elisa Gabbert Said:

You're very welcome, Angie! Thanks for stopping by!

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