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Want free widgets for your website? Embed WordStream's Free Keyword Tools on your own site for free!

In the year plus we've been in the market, we've added a series of free utilities to, including:

The idea being that we're able to introduce prospective WordStream clients to our products and our philosophies and methodologies as a company. Visitors to the WordStream site get something of value - a tool they can leverage to improve their search marketing results or content that offers actionable suggestions about how to get more out of search engine marketing - and in exchange we get permission to introduce them to solutions that we offer on a subscription basis.

This is such a win-win for us, we thought other businesses and Web properties might want to leverage the efforts of our engineering team to create a similar relationship with their own sites' vistors.

As a result, we're announcing WordStream's Free Keyword Tool Wigdets. You can now sign up and create an account, and then use WordStream's Free Keyword Tools on your own site, with some of your own branding.

Why Would You Want to Host WordStream's Tools on Your Site?

Simple: the same reasons we do:

  • Your visitors get a free utility they can leverage to better market their business
  • You encourage users to spend more time on your site
  • You turn visitors into leads, creating a permission asset which allows you to start a dialog with visitors to your site

How Do I Get the Free Widgets Up on My Website?

It's a VERY simple three-step process:

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Keyword Tool Widget Account

Go to the Widget Registration page and sign up for a free account:

The Free Widget Registration page on

Step 2: Choose Your Widget, Style Your Widget, & GET Your Widget!

Next, you'll be redirected to our Free Keyword Tool Widget Generator. This tool allows you to quickly customize your widget in three simple steps:

First, choose which of our free tools you'd like to embed on your website (if you'd like to embed all three, simply walk through the process three times):

Select your free WordStream Widget.

If you're not sure which tool you'd like to have on your site, you can get a quick rundown of features on our pricing page in the feature comparison chart, or you can visit each of the tools and use them or read more about them in the content below the fold:

Second, style your tool; select the color, branding (your company name), and the size the tool will be when displayed on your site:

Your customizable free website widget can be styled to your specifications.

Finally, click get your code and you'll have a snippet of code generated for you:

Get your free widget from WordStream!

Now simply copy this code, and paste it into the Web page you want to host the tools on. It's as simple as that! Here's the output of the widget we just created in the sign up process:

Powered by WordStream Internet Marketing Software

Step 3: Montior How People Are Using Your Website's Widgets!

Finally, you can visit the Widget Reporting Center to get an update on how people are using the free widgets on your website. Additionally, you can retrieve the email of anyone who entered their address into the tool and send them a custom message or add them to your mailing list.

Sound Like Something Your Visitors May Be Interested In?

Creating your own Widget is free and very simple to do: go over to the Widget Registration page and get started today!


epic traffic systems review dude
Jun 09, 2010

Looks like a bunch of great tools and resources. Thank you for these free items. I am going to test them out now.

Jun 10, 2010

This is such a great tool! It can even monitor our reader's response for our widgets. Any website's must! file renamer

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