How Much Do People Know About You on the Internet? Facebook/Google Privacy Infographic


We created a fun (unless you're paranoid; then it's probably just unnerving) infographic that cronicles some of the things people can get access to on the Internet, particularly via Google and Facebook.

You can get at the full infographic by clicking on the below. Please Digg/link/etc. if you're so inclined:

Google privacy and Facebook privacy infograhic: your privacy on the internet.

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Anne H
Jul 29, 2010

This infographic would have been much better if you provided the sources of the research. And speaking of sources, I got an email from someone at your company suggesting I look at the infographic. Sadly, the email bounced back saying "no such user" I've x'ed out their name but you may want to check on it.

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO::host []: 550 No such user (

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