Master Class: Keyword Research for Stellar Content Creation, Part 4


This is the final excerpt from Master Class: Keyword Research for Stellar Content Creation, by Angie Nikoleychuk. Click below to get the full article now, including the final section, "Social Media Keywords."

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Qualifying Site Visitors

For me, one of the most important steps is qualifying your visitors. For instance, while I work with many different people and businesses, I aim for businesses and professionals who already have a site and are looking to get more from it. So, when I produce content, I use keywords and topics that focus on getting more out of what you already have.

This piece, for instance, isn’t just about keyword research, but all the different aspects surrounding the practice and how it relates to content production and publishing. Therefore, I’m more likely to use “improve conversions” rather than “escalating website conversion rates” or “dominating query spaces.”

Keyword Hunting Tips

When searching for terms that will be used in an educational or informational manner, you’re looking for good bounce rates and links, not the number of visitors to your site. This is because it’s more important for you to know if your content has value and is being used instead of just visited. That’s what traffic keywords are for.

Above all else, your target market is the boss. As soon as you try to force them to use industry jargon and big words instead of the keywords they’re used to, you’re going to see the interest in your content fall. Think of it just like talking to a child. Instead of using big words and complicated phrases, speak in their language to ensure they understand what you’re saying without getting uncomfortable.

Using Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Terms

Here’s a table of guidelines you can use as a checklist, send to others, or whatever you’d like. Keep in mind these guidelines are what I generally use for clients and are recommendations only.

Keyword Uses

You’ll notice I don’t mention keyword density, keyword ratio, or any other sort of metric. In truth, I only use that if and when clients request it. Otherwise, I find keyword research like this makes the piece naturally effective. I should mention that this only happens if the writing is tight and other words, if I wander off topic, I want it to count!

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Tiago Simões - Marketing de Rede
Aug 05, 2010

Thank you for this article.
Any tips for SEO is welcome. You kept it simple and useful.
Sorry for my english, im from Brazil.
Best regards.

Tiago C. Simões

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Aug 10, 2010

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