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Do you need help writing copy that's optimized for search and conversions while still being readable? It's not easy to write at your best while keeping keywords and business goals in mind.

If your SEO copywriting skills could use some brushing up, we recommend you check out a seminar being run by friend of WordStream Heather Lloyd-Martin, the CEO of SuccessWorks Inc., a pioneer in SEO copywriting services that has been providing training for over 12 years. This training seminar will equip you with skills including:

  • Forming a keyword research strategy
  • Using keyword research tools
  • Finding topic ideas
  • Writing powerful, clickable titles and meta descriptions
  • The three spots you should always place your keyword phrase
  • A step-by-step process for writing optimized content

Heather stresses that this seminar will be very hands-on. Registration is capped at 50, so attendees will get personal attention and help learning how to do keyword research, write strong titles, and create optimized web pages in real time. In addition, she's throwing in her certification program as a bonus – an additional three months' of training.

Even better, WordStream readers can get $200 off the price of the training with this coupon code: SEOTRAIN

Here's more info on the SEO copywriting training:

Next training date: September 15, 2010
Training location: Coast Bellevue Hotel, 625 116th Avenue Northeast, Bellevue, WA
Training hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Best for: Web content writers, copywriters, advertising professionals, marketing professionals, small business owners

Looking for a low-cost way to learn how to write prime-positioned Web copy that converts like crazy? If you’ve been told that you “need quality content” for your site – but you’re not sure how to create it – this fun, fast-paced seminar is for you! This is the only small-group SEO copywriting seminar that offers both proven strategies and hands-on help. Won’t you join us?

As an added bonus, attendees will receive a free, three-month subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification program ($599 value!). Access to the program includes twice-monthly group conference calls, eight in-depth SEO copywriting learning modules and all archived events.

Head over to SuccessWorks to register!


Maneet Puri
Apr 18, 2011

I think the most difficult part is choosing a topic to write article. If you choose one that is already published, then as per newly launched Google Panda, you will tagged as a Content Farmer. But if you one that is fresh and unique, then you need to do the home work. You need to check what is new in the market and how best you can present the same. Referring sources is not a bad idea. But presentation and ideas should be unique. You can add your analytical views to keep going.
I would appreciate some remarks on my comment. I would like to know how my friends tacked this topic selection problem?

advertising guy
Aug 16, 2011

Having an article must be unique in every way like discussing a topic which has not been tackle before. Every person has a different opinions but sometimes we can't ignore the fact that some of of our ideas may be the idea of another person. Checking your article for the possible duplication is really important.

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