Using Quora to Answer Questions


QuoraRecently, the question and answer site Quora has been getting a lot of exposure in the technology space. If you have not heard of it yet, here's how it works: Users post questions that they cannot find answers to anywhere else on the web, and people answer them. Unlike sites like Yahoo Answers, however, the site seems to attract those who have a lot of authority on subject matter.

Recent examples of this would be Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings using Quora as a platform to talk to customers of the company’s service. Seems like a really smart idea! Other authorities and companies use Quora to engage users and try to quench their thirst for knowledge.

What’s also different about Quora is that it is more like a social network than other Q&A sites. You are able to follow users, questions or even topics. When a question is asked, people can then tag someone they feel knows the most about the topic.

If you’re curious, you might want to try it out. So how can YOU ask questions on Quora? That’s easy.

Get Signed Up. First, you need to get an account to use the service. It’s just like any other web service or social media site, so that’s easy. You can even use your Facebook login.

Set Up Your Profile. If you’re already using Facebook and/or Twitter, you’re all set with followers! Just sync your accounts in your profile and you’ll see a lot of familiar information in Quora.

Start Looking Around.Search for some topics you may be curious about. You may want to follow some that are interesting or maybe you have some experience with.

Get the Extension. Firefox users can install this search box add-in. Google Chrome users can get this extension. This makes it much easier to get notified about what’s going on with the site!

Ask Away!Once you get familiar, start asking about things that you cannot find anywhere else. The best questions are those that are more complicated than you can find using a search engine.

Answer Questions. If you are a subject matter expert on something (and who isn’t) you should try to answer questions. The more you do this, more will follow you and can help tag your questions.

Post Your Answers on Facebook and Twitter.  The more users that get involved in Quora, the more knowledge that can be lent to the service, and the better that questions are answered.

Quora is not Google

Quora is NOT Google. Don’t forget that a simple Google query will probably answer most questions. If you have something complicated you can’t find, however, ask on Quora!


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