Best of the Month: WordStream's February Highlights


Mini TreeFebruary may be a short month, but that doesn't mean we were short on kick-ass blog posts! (Ugh.)

Here they are, our top 10 page-view-grabbing-est posts for the month, every bit as awesome as they were the first time (except maybe for the first one):

  1. Unsurprisingly, our most popular post this month was Larry’s AdWords promotional code share. You cheapskates! ;) (Sadly the codes have all been used and are no longer valid.)
  2. Larry did a quick analysis of Google’s big JC Penney bust.
  3. Tom wrote up a dead simple Google AdWords certification guide covering costs, the different types of certification, study tips and more.
  4. Google accused Bing of copying its search results after cooking up an elaborate and nerdy “sting” – Larry asks the burning question, Who cares?
  5. Chad Summerhill explained how using symbols in PPC can boost conversions by up to 89%!
  6. Guest blogger A.D. Srikanth explains how to use a couple of free tools to create a visualization of your site’s link flow.
  7. Tom outlined how to use Google’s Insights for Search to fight a bad case of blogger’s block.
  8. Erin Everhart practices the Golden Rule (“Be nice to bloggers and they’ll be nice to you”) in this post on launching a blogger outreach campaign.
  9. Tom analyzed AdWords’ new Optimize for Conversions setting and points out some scenarios in which it wouldn’t be your best bet.
  10. A quick update on Google’s new “Personal Blocklist” feature.

Photo: "Mini Tree" by Matt Clark

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