2, 2, 2 Posts in 1! WordStream's Best of the Month + Weekly Roundup


2Clearly, Google’s latest foray into social was the big search news of the week. But we’ve already covered what Google +1 is and how +1 will affect your campaigns. So rather than forcing yet more +1 down your throats, I’m wrapping our usual round-up of the month’s best blog posts in with my recommended reading for the week.

You voted with your clicks and eyeballs, and here they are, our top 10 slammingest posts from the month of March:

  1. Five Great "Hidden" Link Building Resources: Tom identified a handful of sources for reliably great information on link building, outside of the 100% link-building-focused blogs like Ontolo.
  2. PPC Ad Writing Tips from the Experts: An Interview with BoostCTR: I talked with BoostCTR’s Jeff Sexton and Ryan Healy about what goes into a kick-ass pay-per-click ad – since their whole business model revolves around testing and re-testing to maximize click-through rates, they should know.
  3. Start an SEO Business in Three Ridiculously, Impossibly Easy Steps: Unfortch, since this post is based on an eHow article, you won’t really learn how to start an SEO company – but you might learn how not to start one!
  4. Anatomy of a Personalized Search Result: Interesting Localized SERPs & Google Bidding on the Term "SEO"!: Tom took a close look at a SERP result for the query “SEO,” noting some really interesting changes in how Google dishes up personalized and local results.
  5. How to Use Quora as an SEO: By now you all know what Quora is (right?). Here’s how you can use it for search engine optimization.
  6. Using Negative Keywords to Fight Cross-Campaign Ad Poaching: Are your various PPC campaigns actually poaching traffic from one another? This happens a lot with broad match. Here Chad Summerhill explains how to use negative keywords to put a stop to this.
  7. Quick Guide to AdWords Automated Rules: In this guest post from PPC Hero, Bethany Bey explains how to use AdWords’ new automated rules feature to your advantage.
  8. How to Conduct Your PPC Audit: Pay-Per-Click Audit Best Practices Part One: The first part of an in-depth guide to doing a PPC audit, this post walks you through the first three steps.
  9. Is the New AdWords Automated Rules Feature for Bidding?: More on Automated Rules: Chad has noticed some people asking if automated rules can be used for bidding. Learn why this isn’t a good idea.
  10. LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Business: This guest post covers some of the pros and cons of using Facebook and LinkedIn for business-related social media, considering the question from both B2B and B2C perspectives.

Online Marketing Highlights of the Week

So your linkbait failed ... now what? Linkmeister Wiep Knol explains how to promote older content that didn't catch on the first time, using StumbleUpon's paid discovery option, newsletters, and other ideas.

Copyblogger reveals the four-word subject line with a record-high open rate. I won't give it away here! Can you stand the suspense?

After downloading our new white paper, the Complete Guide to AdWords Match Types, you've got match types on the brain, right? Brad Geddes has three simple strategies for keeping your match types organized.

If you have an e-commerce site, there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to the design of your checkout process. GetElastic has put together an "inspiration gallery" of checkout sign-in pages.

Matthew Diehl has discovered a new kind of comment spam: the openly insulting kind!

BoostCTR interviewed AdWords expert and regular WordStream blogger Chad Summerhill about ad text optimization.

Marty Weintraub has been watching a friend beat cancer, and as a cancer survivor himself, he wrote an inspiring post about how to "manage a company like you're dying." Great business advice for anyone.

And here's your bonus extra-curricular reading for the week: a great think piece from Discover Magazine about why we need a birth control pill for men.

Have a great weekend!

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Richard Kraneis
Apr 01, 2011

"manage a company like you're dying."

Reading this article was a great way to start the day. Great advice for company owners and employees alike.


Elisa Gabbert
Apr 01, 2011

Inspiring, wasn't it? Have a great weekend, Richard!

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