Friday Roundup: Panda Bears Down Internationally


PandaThis week Google’s Panda update went global, shutting out spam sites worldwide. Sistrix posted a nice little chart listing the “losers” of the new updates. Sites like and suffer just as much now as they did in the US, but there were some surprises;  eHow, which most expected to suffer from the US Panda update, was actually deemed one of the “winners” originally, but with the global changes, eHow is now losing the numbers we expected it to.   

There is some speculation that this might be a result of Google implementing data from users who manually blocked certain sites. Ever since Google released a block link directly in search results, it’s been expected that this data will end up affecting search queries. When Panda first launched, Google said they were only using the blocking data as validation that the new algorithm was targeting correctly.

Although Google says the blocked sites data is merely used as a confirmation in the algorithm’s success, I wouldn’t be surprised if that new data will be having a more extreme impact on search queries as time goes on.

Of course theoretically, if you are in the right, you have nothing to fear. Then again, that’s what they said about King Henry VIII’s inquisitions and we all know how many innocent heads rolled for that! 

Here are a few more articles I read this week and particularly enjoyed:

Search Engine People wrote a nice post about 3 Common Viral Video Tactics. It’s funny how certain things always tend to appeal to us: reality, cute things, and silliness. Looks like dancing babies are as popular now as they were in 1996.

SEJ’s Eight Tips for Monitoring Brand Reputation Across Languages has some helpful hints for keeping your brand’s reputation safe across the globe.

Michael Erin Strong wrote about "Entitled Titles: The Imperative to Fulfill Your Headline’s Promise," with tips for writing seductive, credible, and sensible titles.

In a guest post on Techipedia, Tim Ware explains how to build the perfect Facebook fan page.

Need to build links? Don't want to shell out for fancy tools? SEOmoz says you don't need 'em.

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Richard Kraneis
Apr 15, 2011


Just wanted you to know that WordStream's readership is out here enjoying the Friday articles. But then you know that because you can see your Google Analytics (and we cannot).

I especially enjoyed the Panda update info and the last link to SEOmoz.

Have a nice weekend.

Jamie Fairbairn
Apr 27, 2011

While I welcome the philosophy behind this update, I can't help thinking Google may suffer in the long run if they keep making such sweeping changes to their algorithm. I read recently that Bing is making some headway into the overall search market and with their new Business Portal, it looks like they have got an advantage over Google Places.

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