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Webinar: Advanced Keyword Research Technology and Methodology

June 29, 2011
Keyword Marketing

<p>Join us this Thursday, June 30th, to learn about advanced keyword research.&nbsp; We will be teaming up with our friends at ideaLaunch, a leading content marketing agency, to provide you with key insights into structuring your SEO and PPC programs logically and effectively.<br>&nbsp;</p><p>We will dig deep into the art and science of keyword silo development – the practice of designing your website to be more search engine- and user-friendly. Our WordStream presenters, Founder Larry Kim and VP of Product Will Eisner, will discuss the following:</p><ul><li>Keyword research techniques to increase your reach and decrease PPC spend</li><li>New tools that track the ROI and impact of your content and PPC campaigns</li><li>Keyword silo how-to and why-to</li><li>Campaign performance measurement tips</li></ul><p>Register today!</p>