New Webinar: Cutting Costs With Negative Keywords


We’d like to invite you all to our next free webinar:

What: Cutting Costs With Negative Keywords

When: Wednesday, August 17, 11 a.m. EDT

Where: The comfort of your desk!

Why: Did you know adding negative keywords can save you at least 10-30% on your AdWords spend? Negative keywords are like the chatting block lists of the keyword world – except instead of obnoxious friends or stalker-ish obsessors, you can block out keywords that are depleting your budget without driving any conversions. Because they prevent wasteful spending on low-value clicks, negative keywords are essential to running a streamlined, cost-effective PPC campaign.

 Unfortunately, the technique is underused – finding relevant keywords to add to your campaigns is hard enough, but negative keyword discovery is even more mysterious (there are lots of keyword tools out there, but only one awesome negative keyword tool that we know of).Figuring out which of your keywords are underperforming and unprofitable can be a struggle. And you need to keep adding negative keywords over time, or you’ll see your costs rising while you ROI drops faster than the anchor from a 40-foot yacht (that I wish I had).

 In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the keywords that are wasting your money

  • How to implement negative keywords in AdWords

  • How to make the whole process quick, easy and ongoing

Join us for this 30-minute webinar on Wednesday and get your questions answered during the Q&A session. Space is limited, so register now! 

UPDATE : This event has ended, but you can always watch our video recording of the negative keywords webinar online.


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