WordStream Featured in USA Today: Search Engine Marketing for Small Business


In today's print issue of USA Today, Byron Acohido reports on the trend of big search engine platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.), whose bottom lines depend on selling ads linked to search results — they are pouring millions of dollars into initiatives to help small and medium-sized advertisers (SMBs) make the leap to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

AdWords Small Business AdvertisersIn the article, I argue that it's all too common for small advertisers to waste money on poorly executed campaigns.

Typically, they don't re-evaluate and optimize their campaigns, and therefore miss out on the opportunity to leverage a powerful marketing channel to grow their business.

Read the full article, "Big search companies woo small businesses," in USA Today!

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Richard Kraneis
Dec 06, 2011

Super congratulations to you and your WordStream team on the USA Today article.

Larry Kim
Dec 07, 2011

thanks Richard!

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