3 Invisible AdWords Opportunities with Perry Marshall



WordStream is partnering with renowned Google advertising expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Perry Marshall, to bring you a new webinar, Three Invisible Opportunities in Your Google AdWords Campaign!

Perry Marshall

Join us Wednesday, March 14th at 3 p.m. EDT for a free online webinar event and learn:

  • A simple, four-part formula for writing better AdWords ads.
  • A special technique for finding "holes in the sidewalk," your customers' biggest pain points.
  • One of the greatest secrets of advertising masters, a blind spot for most advertisers that you can take advantage of!

Join WordStream and Perry Marshall for this exclusive session on beating your competitors at the AdWords game. Space is limited so register now!

About Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is the most-quoted authority and world's bestselling author of books on Google Advertising, having saved over 100,000 advertisers billions of dollars in the "AdWords Stupidity Tax." He's also author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

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Rick Noel
Mar 12, 2012

Hi Larry, I just signed up for the 3 Invisible AdWords Opportunities Webinar with Perry Marshall and look forward to learning some techniques and tips.Thanks for sharing.

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