WordStream's Top 10 of the Month

WordStream's Top 10 of the Month

June 29, 2012
Elisa Gabbert

Check out our top 10 greatest hits from June!

  1. Everything You Want to Know About Quality Score & Landing Pages – This FAQ, consisting of questions we received during a recent webinar, is packed with info on AdWords Quality Score and how your landing pages affect it.
  2. RIP SEO Footer Links – Matt Cutts recently announced that boilerplate, sitewide links don’t count for much if anything. Has your link strategy changed?
  3. AdWords Live Chat Ad Extension Now In Beta – Google appears to be testing a new “Live Chat” extension that allows people to click a button to initiate a live chat directly from a PPC ad.
  4. 3 Things I’ve Learned from Founding a Software Start-Up – Larry talks about his experience with founding, bootstrapping, and securing funding for a software company that is now almost four years old and still going strong! (Spoiler alert: It’s really hard.)
  5. What Would an AdWords Consultant Do? AdWords Experts Share Their Stories, Part 16 – Jorn Vriend, who works at a Dutch SEM agency, shares his secrets for getting high Quality Scores and stellar ROI from AdWords marketing.
  6. Bing's Sponsored Results for 'Keyword' Are Out of Control – My coworker Sergey alerted me to the screwy paid results that are showing up for the term “keyword” on Bing. Note to marketers using adCenter – watch your search query report or pay the price!
  7. Matt Cutts: 'Don't Write the Epitaph for Links Just Yet' – In his annual chat with Danny Sullivan at SMX, Cutts talked about links, spam, and the importance of being awesome.
  8. RIP Clickable, Inc. – In a surprise move, Clickable was acquired this month by Syncapse, a social media management company. What’s going on there?
  9. The Evolution of Google AdWords – A $38 Billion Advertising Platform – In this guest post, Thomas Bagshaw reviews the changes AdWords has gone through since it was created in 2000.
  10. Google Announces AdWords Scripts – Learn about the new alternative to the AdWords API that helps developers with scripting.

Have a good weekend, folks, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!


Omni Chaparala - Dallas Real Estate
Jul 01, 2012

Personally, I believe Adwords does not a good ROI. I have used it and never got many conversions.It was costing us too much and so we focused on efforts through link building. So, I dont read the articles aboutGoogle Adwords that much. It might be useful for some industries but for ours I did not see good results. 

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