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Search Marketing School BannerHowdy, sports fans! Thanks to the good people at MarketingProfs, we have a special offer for our readers to save $200 on an upcoming MarketingProfs University (MPU) online training course: Search Marketing School: SEO. This training course features classes on keyword research, content strategy, link building, social media, SEO metrics and more, with expert speakers including Vanessa Fox, Andrew Hanelly, Jill Whalen, Ian Lurie, John Doherty, Ruth Barr, and yours truly. Read on for more details on this offer.

About MarketingProfs University

MPU provides affordable, comprehensive online training in the interrelated disciplines that make up your marketing mix.

With each course you'll get 10-17 hours of instruction in what you need to plan, build, and measure successful marketing programs. Plus you'll review best practices from your peers, discover new tools and processes, and get a reality check about what's working in marketing today (and what's just hype).

Each class is led by an instructor who is an expert in the field and who has been vetted through participation and positive reviews in the MarketingProfs PRO seminar program. You get a Certificate of Completion when you finish a course.

Each course is entirely online and even our "live" online classes are recorded during broadcast, so you can watch or re-watch them later. No travel costs and you can pause the instructor or replay particular parts of the lecture at your convenience.

Find a course suited for you now and save $200 off with code WORDSTREAM.

Designed for marketers like you who need an insider's guide to the ins and outs of SEO, Search Marketing School: SEO will show you how to navigate the search engine strategy waters.

About My Session, “Killer Keywords: Finding Them and Putting Them to Work”

Getting found online today is usually a matter of words for one simple reason: people type keywords into search engines to find what they're looking for. To rise to the top of the results, you need to anticipate what terms your ideal visitors will use and leverage them in your online content. In this class, we'll discuss ways to find the most relevant keywords for you and use them as springboards to produce Web copy, blog posts, e-books, and more.MarketingProfs University

You’ll learn:

1. Which tools and processes to use to help you find the right keywords

2. How to develop an SEO content strategy using those keywords

3. Creative ways to make the most of your keywords

MarketingProfs University's Search Marketing School: SEO course is a 10-class course designed to give you a solid understanding of SEO that will allow you to you create winning SEO strategies for your business.

Unlike many other online courses, MarketingProfs University is taught by instructors from companies that are tops in the SEO marketing arena, like Google, Distilled, TMG Custom Media, WordStream, and High Rankings. Together they'll provide invaluable instruction as well as answer your questions and network with you in our exclusive Facebook group.

Check out the class descriptions and register now to discover how to successfully navigate the SEO waters, guaranteed.

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